Thursday, 28 February 2013

Leopard & Zebra Print Hearts Pattern :)

Evening all!
Tonight I just did a little design, I found this gorgeous pattern on google & switched it abit, on the image I found it included some other pattern, along with zebra & leopard print. I chose just to do thse two.

I loveee leopard print! Its just so gorgeous! I used to be a huge hater of it, up until I was pregnant with my little lady. I went on a leopard print kick! Majorly ;) hha!
I love this pattern, I usually never do the same pattern over my entire 4 fingers, today I just thought 'why not! ;)

I still can not get over I have never done zebra print until now!! I just have never mastered it, I love that even tiny zebra print looks so cute! You all know my love for tiny leopard print lol! ;)

I used NYC Park Ave as my base color, the rest of the design is all done using acrylic paints :D

Enjoy the little picture spam all :P
Lou xx

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Edward Scissorhands Portrait :)

Evening beauts!
Todays nail art is another attempt of a portrait :O
Wowza! I really hope to have this mastered within a few months, so you will be seeing alot more faces. I hope thats ok :)

Edward Scissorhands, oh boy! I chose a tough one to do lol! I have actually never seen the film! My hubby even said 'What! You have never seen it?!'...
Feeling slightly stupid haha!
I am hoping to see it real soon though :D

I chose to use Sally Hansen Black Platinum, on all fingers except my ring finger - I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls :)
I am happy with this, not overly pleased with it but I will not learn, without hard practise right?

Enjoy loves
Lou xx

Monday, 25 February 2013

Lacquerhead Polish Baby Girl; Swatches & Review ;)

Oooolalalallaa ! I just love Lacquerhead Polish, all of Alischia's creations are the best ;)

Baby Girl was an absolute must have of mine, I had to have it!! She is toooooo gorgeous! So delicate & pretty!
She is in a beautiful baby pink crelly base with pink, red & purple hexes in different sizes.
I love how well they all come together & the name is bang on!
I used 3 coats for my pictures, application was easy.. No fishing at all. Yay!

Baby Girl played right havoc with my camera, even in the lightbox :O cheeky! She is more pink in real life ;)

You can buy Lacquerhead Polish here -
You can buy full size for $8 / £5.47est.

Enjoy all ;)
Lou xx

Sunday, 24 February 2013

101 Dalmatians Nail Art :)

Hey allllll ;)
Not been around much, having such problems at home, blogging has been the last thing on my mind. All is sort of back to normal. So more posts should be of now.

Today I have 101 Dalmatians art feat the new Color Club 2013 Halo Hues in Over The Moon.
They really are pulling out all the stops with these!! I remember when I started blogging, I hated there polish :O... I know crazy huh?!

The 2013 are more vibrant than the 2012 ones, saying that the 2012 will always be my babies... ;)
Over The Moon is a gorgeoussss holo blue, my photos do not show just how holo this polish is in real life! Imagineeee :P

I chose to do 101 Dalmatians just because I love the films! Who could not though :P & also because I feel so meh at the moment, I need some up & go.... Fast! :(

I hope you all enjoy
Lou xx

Friday, 22 February 2013

Azature Black Diamond Polish Plus Rihanna Portrait ;);)

Whaaaaaaaat! Loveeees!!!
I did my first portrait and I did it good! Ok not perfectly but I did it!!
It's perfect enough for me at this time, it is my first proper attempt & I love it!
We all know my love hate for faces but bammmmm, I could not be prouder!! :D

I paired this with Azature Black Diamond polish, mmmmmm lala! Rihanna has that amazing song Diamonds & I thought they would match perfectly!
Sing ittttt - 'Shine bright like a diamonddd!
Haha ;)

I am so chuffed at the outcome of my first portrait & may well do more, should I?
Can not wait to see what you all think. :D

Azature Black Diamond polish - What can I say about this beauty! This is infact a black jelly so it needs layering over a black polish, you could attempt layering alone but I think it would need a good 4+ coats. It really does shine bright like a diamond ;) I love watching the silver glitter sparkle when the light hits it!
I had no issues with this, it applies amazingly!
I applied 2 coats of W7 Black nail polish topped with 2 coats of Azature Black Diamond.

We all know that Azature brung out the $250,000 bottle infused with 267 carats of black diamonds. :O
They also brung out a more affordable one for us nail addicts, this bottle is priced at $25.00. A much better price & this bottle has 1 black diamond. Ooooolala ;)

It can be bought at With international shipping available! Also check this out - Azature has brung out more colors, including a sexayyyy red & gorgeous pink! (They are my favs & will be mine! ;))

Enjoy all
Lou xx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Little Reminder For All Of Us :)

Hey all,
Sorry I have been absent for a few days, I have had such bad sh*t to deal with this past week & it has been really tough.
I am slowly trying to pull myself together & try and not let this get me down.

Which is where todays nail art comes into it. This quote has always ment something special to me, I actually have something similar as a tattoo.
As I guess, we all have had tough times in our life that we have all had to deal with, its just a nice reminder for us all.

I did this nail art, just so I can give myself some hope & faith. I really feel a little more positive. We will be on a rocky boat for a good few months but fingers crossed we will get there.

I used Face Of Australia Would You Like Some Orange Sherbert? as my base color. On my index & pinky I have done a glitter gradient using Barry M Diamond Glitter. On all fingers I have a touch of Sephora By OPI Blasted Turquoise Glitter.

I hope you all like this & be sure to remember this quote when you are feeling down.
It reads 'Be Strong Because Things Will Get Better... It Might Be Stormy Now, But It Can't Rain Forever!'

Lots of love
Lou xx

Monday, 18 February 2013

Save The Panduhs Nail Art Special :)

Evening loves
Today I have an amazing piece of nail art I did (previous to having a lightbox), by an amazing artist I came across on Instagram.

I truly love all of his art & asked if he would mind me doing some of his work, on my nails. I was super excited that I got a yessss! I ended up doing it that night, I could not wait!! :D

One thing of most I enjoy doing is showcasing & spreading the word of others, through my nail art. I may not be pro or such and such, but I hope to do each artist justice. :)

The art I did on my nails was one of my favourite pieces by Save The Panduhs! & it ran right in line with valentines day so that was a bonus ;)
I am totally late on posting before VDay here though haha, if you follow me on Instagram (@TipsandTopcoat) you will have seen this a few weeks back :P

For the base color I used KIKO 329, the rest of the design is done using acrylic paints. :)

To check out this absolutely amazing artist -

Enjoy all
Lou xx

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lacquerhead Polish Mixed Signals; Swatches & Review :)

Holy shiz!!!
I am absolutely beyond speechless at this polish !!
I wasnt going to blog again tonight, I am really down in the dumps at the moment. This polish has made me feel happy :D
It glows! It seriously glows!
Me and my hubby were constantly staring when I first put this on, we couldnt believe our eyes lol!
I am beyond amazed!

Mixed Signals is Lacquerhead's first ever duochrome!!! Uh hmmmm missy you need to make moreeee! My gosh :P
It shifts from pink to blue to purple to red.
I love this!!! The purple to blue shift is the most strongest & the blue my gosh.. Literally is what makes it GLOW! Big time!
I had no trouble capturing it on camera at all! I thought I would, with some duochromes that can happen, no way this baby wanted to go all out ;)

When I first recieved this I did the obvious & popped it over black. After sitting here tonight with this & OPI Do You Lilac It? I thought... Well why not try!
Am I glad I did! They are the perfect match, love at first site... You get it ;)

I used 2 layers of OPI Do You Lilac It? & 2 layers of Lacquerhead Mixed Signals. Wam bammmm in your face, is the most sexiest site you ever did see.

You can find this baby by visiting
Mixed Signals is priced at $8.00 or around £5.29.

Enjoy the little swatch spam of this beautyyyy ;)
Lou xx

Classic Winnie The Pooh Nail Art :)

Oh! I filed my nails short today :( I really did not mean to & I am so peeved! Ever have the moments when one nail looks odd? Its like not square or perfect as others & so on. That was my issue, I have serious OCD with my nails & this was not happening! So I went on to sort it & then it all went wrong & blah... Now I have short nails ... Know the joke of it? They are not perfect!!!!! AGHHHHH!
I am so sad :(

*Rant over!*

This nail art was done before I went on a stupid bender with the nail file. Phew!
Someone requested Classic Winnie The Pooh on my Instagram (@TipsandTopcoat)
Whilst google browsing I came across this one, I just loved the quote!! I changed the quote slightly as a thought for an amazing girl I know from IG, who is having a hard time at the moment.

I used China Glaze Light As Air as my base color, I am soooo pumped I can now use purple & so on, as a base color more often!! If you have ever noticed ive pretty much avoided this color! Yaaay to lighboxes ;)
The whole design is done using acrylic paints.

The quote on my nails reads 'You're braver than you believe... And stronger than you think'

I hope you all enjoy tonights art, dont forget to follow me :D
Lou xx

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Revlon Brilliant Strength Swatches & Review :)

Ooooo, I love it when I can just have swatch days, as much as I love doing nail art. Sometimes I need a break ;)
Today I have 2 amazing nail polishes from Revlon's new Brilliant Strength line. The whole Brilliant Strength collection consists of 24 amazing shades!!
They all have built-in strengthener and protective base & top coat for stronger, harder nails.
The key ingredients of these are -
Camella Oil to condition and strengthen naills
Rice Bran Oil with Vitamin E to protect nails
Lotus and Pearl Extracts for a moisturising effect
The brushes on the new Revlon collection are double-barrel brush to ensure a bubble-free application without streaks. (Similar to Sally Hansen brushes, if anyone is wondering)
The 2 shades I am reviewing for you all are Inflame & Enthrall.
First up we have Inflame -

I had trouble with this shade to get an accurate photo, but I did it! ;)
I used 3 coats here just to hide any VNL, It is fine at 2 coats but you could see the faintest nail line ever. I am rather fussy ;)
Flawless application!! I tested this color out on my thumb nail for a week & only the day I was taking this off I had the tiniest tip wear! Seriously amazing!! Only reason I wore this on my thumb is because, I type on my phone, pick at stuff and so on. So it went through some tests.
The smell of this and Entrall is so nice! It reminds me of Apple Icepops... YUM!
Inflame is an orange-red creme, it leans more orange then it does to red. Such a beautiful shade, I think this will work perfect for people who can not pull of the classic rich red shades.
Next up we have Enthrall ;)

This shade also played fun with me :O I like the pictures I captured, you can see the way it hits both in shade & direct light.
Enthrall is gorgeous! Flawless application again, this one only needed 2 coats to be perfect. The golden shimmer & tiniest golden flakies are amazing & stand out so beautifully. The color is a dark brown (pictured near my cuticle) with a lean to olive green. The metallic green gold is gorgeous! I dont own anything like this in my collection, perfect! I like the POW BOW in your face of the golden green sheen.
Which is your favourite?
I used 1 coat of Seche Vite to top these off, but you could wear them without topcoat.. They are sooooo glossy! Loveee that!
I am in the UK and these can be purchased HERE, they are priced at £7.99 each.
I hope you all like the swatches & review.
Lou xx
*These products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.



Friday, 15 February 2013

The Beatles Nail Art :)

Evening loves
Tonight's art is a previous piece I did before I had my lightbox.
I have a few that still need to be published. My gosh... Its great to be ahead, but then I loose track of all that needs posting haha!

The Beatles was requested on Instagram (@TipsandTopcoat) .. I gave these a try previous & failed... This time I think I did pretty well.
Well my dad loved them & he loves The Beatles *wooo* :P

The base color is Essence A Piece Of Forever, the art is all done using black acrylic paint.

I hope you all enjoy these :)
Lou xx

Thursday, 14 February 2013

My First Ever Rainbow... Leopard Print Style ;)

Hey beauts,
I am not really feeling the Valentines Day extreme today, ive posted alot of romantic nail art in the past. Time I be an odd ball & not join the hype haha!

Can you believe I have never ever done a rainbow, since doing nails!
I decided to do one using tiny leopard print.
I had a complete mind blank night last night, this was as best it got lol!

You all know I love the tiny leopard print, Its just so damn cute!
All in all this look took me around 20minutes. I use the tip of my nail art brush for them. They are easy to do, once you know how to use the tip of your brush. You'll do great!

My base color is Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud, the design is all done using acrylic paints.

I hope you enjoy
Lou xx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Possibly The Best Denim Polish EVER.... ;)

OMG! Let me start of by saying... If you do not own this polish, shame on you! Haha I joke, but seriously it is a must have! :P

The hubby got this for me, he said he really liked it & knew I would. Spot on!! I blinking love it! I think this is for sure in my top 5 favourite polishes, I dont actually have a top 5 but if I did.... You get the gist haha ;)

Barry M - Denim is a ONE COATER! Really? Yes! I actually did 2 just because I always do. Fussy munchkin :P lol!

It applied amazing! Im totally floored by this gem!
It dries to a semi-matte finish, I loved it this way so the first photo is with no topcoat!

The second photo - index & pinky are again with no topcoat, middle finger with one coat of Seche Vite, ring finger is one coat of Butter London Matte Finish.
Tell me.. Which is your favourite finish here?

I am from the UK so we have a few places we can buy Barry M from, but DO offer international shipping! Run dont walk!!! :P

Prepare to drool ;)
Lou xxx

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Draculaura From Monster High ;)

I still can not get over the difference in my pictures. I love it!

Tonights nail art is based on a character from Monster High, I was going to do others but switched it, due to the request being mainly for Draculaura.
I am soooo buzzing over this because.... Wait for it ........ I DID A PERFECT FACE!!!!
Well it is perfect to me anyway, if you have followed me a while, you will know how big a deal this is to me lol.

I used Illamasqua Obsess on my index & pinky fingers, along with all the parts on Draculaura. My middle & ring finger base color is OPI Do You Lilac It?

I hope you all enjoy :)
Lou xx

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Animaniacs Nail Art :)

It is so wierd blogging back on my phone! I really need to invest in a iPad or a new laptop meh :(

Anyways I have my first piece of art in all its 'Professional' glory! I can not get over how woooowza it came out!
I was asked to do Animaniacs by a lovely Instagram beaut of mine, & figured I would give it a go.

I used a unnamed silver Color Club as the base color, the whole design is done using acrylic paints. The glitter on my pinky is just a random no name.
Please note that it is a plain silver Color Club, my hubby's phone case fancied reflecting lol ;)

I hope you all enjoy :)
Lou xx

Saturday, 9 February 2013

GlamPaint Lacquer Review & Swatches (In The New Lightbox ;))

Wow! I havent been on the computer to blog in ages!! Its still slightly broken, but I have decided that I will blog post for reviews from the computer.
Nail art & quick swatches will mostly remain from the phone blogging. I hope thats all good for you all, its easier for me with the kids and so on.. And plus this laptop is so slow and awful at the moment.
Anyways onto a very exciting post for today, I have 4 absolutely gorgeous polishes from GlamPaint Lacquer to share with you all, I am truly blown away. Each one I swatched I fell in love, I can not pick a favourite at all.
Crazzzzy to even think I have been blogging for nearly a year, and finally I have a lightbox. My little hobby has become so much & means so much to me. Thanks everyone for all of the support. It means more than I could ever describe.
Who wants a 'Professional' bottle shot? Obviously you do!! ;)
L-R Barbie Jeep, Milkshake, Raspberry Crush, Turquoise & Company.
Now seriously is that photo just gorgeous!?!
First up on the swatchathon is Barbie Jeep, she is a milky lilacy pink base packed full of tiny purple & dark blue glitter, micro light pink squared glitter, small light pink & blue glitters aswell as larger white holographic hexes. Beautiful!!
I hope I described that well haha ;)
This applied beautifully absolutely no issues with this one or any of the other 3. I had full coverage at 3 coats, drying time is fantastic!! I used one coat of Seche Vite but you may need 2 coats of topcoat for it to feel fully smooth.

Next up we have Milkshake. A milky white based polish full of micro pink and blue glitter, small purple, light blue & pink hexed glitters aswell as larger white holo hexes. I love this one just as much as the first... I am probley going to say that every time I write the next para, but honestly. They are all just truly beautiful. Milkshake took 3 coats for full coverage. Again no issues. Application was perfect, no fishing for glitters which is amazing!!

Im just in love!
Now we have Raspberry Crush which on her label says 'Limited Edition' .. Run dont walk & grab this baby whilst you have the chance! GO! ;)
Raspberry Crush hated my camera & lightbox! We had a serious row ending in me hot & bothered & grrrrrrr haha! I got pretty close I think, but she is one you have to see face to face, to really appreciate how wonderful she is!
Beautiful 'raspberry' jelly base packed full of micro pink squares, tiny purple hexes, small light pink hexes & larger matte white hexes. I needed 4 coats for her to hide real visible nail line. I would suggest putting her over a colored base. As with the rest she applied great, so smoothly. No fishing, the larger white hexes came out perfectly.

Finally we have Turquoise & Company. Now this beauty needs must be in everyones stash! Its just beautifully unique in so many ways. I love it!
Turquoise & Company is obviously in a beautiful light turquoise base full of tiny dark blue & purple glitters, micro turquoise squares, larger matte turquoise/teal & white hexes along with some holo hexes to. Delicious!!!
This was also another one that played fun with me, I actually think my photos are 95% accurate (minus the macro that went abit off color lol). Gossssh I love having a lightbox!! :P
I used 3 coats for full coverage on this beauty. No fishing needed. Application on this & all the others are flawless!

Absolute heaven right?
I can not even believe how beautiful these all are! Honestly.
All of these can be found HERE.
I think GlamPaint Lacquer will be having a restock soon, to keep up to date on when, you can follow her on Instagram - @GlamPaintLacquer.
The polishes on her site are priced at $7.50, but Milkshake is at $6.00. Amazing prices!!
I seriously hope you will all check her out, she deserves soooo much more recognition!
Lots of Love
Lou xx
*These products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday's 5-10min Mani :)

Hey beauts!!
Today is 5-10min mani day & I chose a quick simple design, I really did not know what I was doing with this. I rarely do patterns so I am a bit mehhhh at this haha!
I love the colors together though!!

*Side Note!* - Guess what arrived today!!!!!! My pro lightbox! I am so damn excited for this! I had a quick go with some purple polish, purple would always go blue! But not no moreeee :P
I am so excited to have somewhat pro photo's for reviews, swatches & most of all my art!

Anyways back to todays mani loool! The base color is by Sally Hansen called Lavender Cloud! This is a gorgeous cold! You could mistake it as white but after putting it next to OPI Alpine Snow, you can see the slight tint. It actually applied great, 3 thin coats! I love white shades because of my art & this is a new favourite! Even better I found it in the pound store!! I hope they have another bottle next time, back up is needed haha!!

The design is done using acrylic paint.

Enjoy loves, if you ever have nail art requests please leave a comment below.
Lou xxx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Aladdin Disney Nail Art :)

Hey all,
Sorry for the lack of posts, after the crap bullies on Instagram I had to take a break!

I decided to attempt (again) another Disney face. My hate on this is unreal!! I will try and try to perfect Disney faces until I am happy with them! :)

Aladdin has been requested a few times on my Instagram page (TipsandTopcoat). So I finally bit the bullet & tried haha!!
I am quite pleased with the turnout but Aladdin face looks all funky dunky lol ;)

I used OPI Bright Lights, Big Color for the base, the design is all done using acrylic paint. :)

I hope you enjoy all
Lou xx

Monday, 4 February 2013

Another Lilo And Stitch Mani :P

I know I already have done Lilo & Stitch, but seriously these guys are so cute!!
Im so proud of how Lilo came out in this one. What with my face issues lol!!

I just love Disney! & this movie has to be a favourite! I mean honestly who can not like this movie! I wanted to do another mani because even though I have done them before, I thought it would be nice & not only that, but to test my abilities on recreating the same thing again. Although the pictures are different, I have this blockage where if I have done something once, doing it again fails! Do I make sense? Of course! Haha I hope ;)

For this mani I used Face Of Australia- Would You Like Some Orange Sherbert? And the design is all done using acrylic paints :)

I hope you enjoy
Lou xx