Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Young Love, Valentines Day Art :)

I first saw a photo on google a while back, came across it again the other night & knew I had to do it on my nails.

They are just to fricking cute!!
I used Essie Penny Talk as my base color; OMG amazing!! This is a one coater! Boooooyah! Amazing is beyond the word for it.
I chose this color just becaus on the original photo, it has a white/grey background. And to be fair I have over 150 untrieds... White needs to stay put for a while LOL! Oooopsie :P.

All the art is done using acrylic paints. This design was much easier to do then I actually first thought & I am happy with the outcome.

Hope you enjoy
Lou xx


  1. Really really cute ^^ and so elaborated! You must spend quite some time doing your nails!


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