Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nail Sauce Gluttony; Swatches & Review

*I have no idea why the app didnt post this last night ugh!!!*

Following on from yesterdays post, I have Frost My Tart's sister today!! I just love the family polish's haha!

Gluttony is a gorgeous baby pink polish, packed with fine orange glitter, tiny purple holo glitter & larger baby blue hexes.
This polish I also had the fine white powder to it, I really cant say if this is ment to be in it or not. Ive had a browse & cant say I have seen it mentioned elsewhere lol!

Gluttony is fully opaque in 3 coats. Flawless application, absolutely no trouble with it. The blue hexes again came out as they pleased. Which I like.

I am very sorry on this! My camera didnt want to show its true color. As much as I tried my best, it wasnt going to happen :(
The macro is way off the pink, but you can see a clear close up of the glitters & what I mean on the 'white powdery stuff' lol :)

You can find Nail Sauce polish at -
Her polishes are priced at $8.75

Lou xx


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