Thursday, 17 January 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Oodiful; Swatches & Review

I think over the last month or so I have literally been addicted to indie polishs!
I just cant help myself LOL!
Even more so when its not in a clear base, OMG I squeal everytime!

This polish was a high MUST for me... I needed it & you bet I got it, as soon as Llarowe had her restock mwahaa ;)

Nail Pattern Boldness is a grey crelly with a mixture of pink & white glitters. I had high hopes for this .. It was soooo dreamy in pics id seen.. I wouldnt say I was disappointed, but IRL its not as light grey as I had seen. It isnt dark grey dont get me wrong.. its just not as light as what I had seen, if you get my drift :P. Its a beautiful polish though! I love it for sure. Application was good, I would highly suggest a base coat if you dont like layering. This alone needed 4 coats to hide visible nail line. Another pointer for me was the glitters, as much as application was good... I found it needed more glitter.. The tiny white glitters came out most but I had a fair few times, I had to re dip my brush in the bottle for more glitter.

I got as accurate as I could in my photos, as ever the polish & my camera dont like playing fair... Time to invest in a light box? I think so lol :(.

Lots of polish love ;)
Lou xx


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