Friday, 4 January 2013

Monsters Inc Yaaaaay!

OMG I keep finding art I havent got round to posting, gosh! But ay.... Atleast we wont have a shortage on posts if I get ill or something haha!!

This was a requested post on Instagram... When I posted the picture, there was no Boo! I know, whats Monsters Inc without Boo... But me & faces.... Utter no! Ha!

Long behold I was adament to atleast try.... So you lucky bunch will get to see it. Please be niceeee! Lol. The one with Boo has had a matte topcoat added, just seemed it looked better :)

I used Essie Fair Game topped with Zoya Opal on the pinky & Kiko 261 under Boo.

Enjoy all :)
Lou xx


  1. Oh my god, you are SO talented! Those a-freaking-mazing. A great movie and you did a perfect job recreating the characters.

  2. This is fantastic. Love it. Liquid Lacquer makes a polish called Sully that would have been cool as an accent.


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