Saturday, 26 January 2013

Lacquerhead Polish The Scrambler; Swatches & Review :)

Sorry hunnies, I know I never posted yesterday but I am currently ill so not doing my nails as much atm :(

Today though I have this amazing & fun polish for you all to nosey at ;)
Lacquerhead Polish is another of my absolute favourite indies, I just wanna own all her creations!! Which I will eventually I am sure :P

The Scrambler was top of my list though, the gorgeous pale yellow base just won me over, I loveeee Alischia's creations, its rare that I have seen yellow based indie polish's!
And this one has shredded rainbow glitter .... OMFG slap me now!
Dreamy dreamy dreamy !

I had no trouble with this beauty at all, the shredded glitter's were no bother, no dabbing was needed. They came out perfectly.
I adore how well this polish looks, I actually am not a fan of yellow, I am sure I am not alone here lol. Yet this I loveee & I actually think it suits me Booooyaaaah!! :P
This is like a mini egg! Literally everytime I look at this it screams Easter!!!! ;)

I applied 3 coats of this, no undies at all. Topped with one coat of Seche Vite.
Then of course I had to matte it!!!! I knew as soon as I wore this, matte was what it was.
I used Butter London Matte Finish.

You can find Lacquerhead Polish on Etsy & also keep upto date on Lacquerhead Polish creations - find her on Facebook ;)

Lou xx


  1. That IS a gorgeous yellow polish! I have the most horrible luck with glitter shreds though. They poke out and catch on things, and are such a butt to remove.

  2. Now this is a fun polish!! Gorgeous with the matte! :)

  3. I love these so pretty!!


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