Sunday, 6 January 2013

Kiko Holographic 399 & 400 Swatches & Review.

I bought all 4 of these beauties and could not wait to try them out ;)
Ive chosen to do them in 2 posts, so we dont have to much photo spam going on :P

First of all id like to start off by saying - these are all WITH topcoat! Incase anyone was worried about this, I did apply topcoat & they went completely dull... Within a minute we are back to full holo glory :D

399 - This I was most excited about, it isnt often you get a suttle nude holo, and this is gorgeous! I love the gold/soft taupe.. not harsh at all. I found it washed my skin tone out IRL but that wont stop me rocking it, it is holo after all :P!!
This one needed 3 coats, maybe 2 at a push :). Applys so easily! No problems at all! Iv adjusted filters on my photo's, to try & show the true colour :) *please note it is more holo than shown*

400 - My absolute favourite of the 4!! Its a charcoal grey & packed full of holo goodness! Id even say this was the most holo of the bunch too! I steer clear of dark colours usually, this baby is a treasure!
I applied 2 coats but you could use 1. Again applied a dream, I was so shocked just how well these apply. Perfection!

Enjoy the pictures & macro shots of these beauts!
Lou xx

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