Friday, 18 January 2013

Jindie Nails Candy Land; Swatches & Review :)

Woooooooah! I got lucky again at Llarowe hehe, this time with this beautyyyy & Swoon (which ill post about tomorrow ;))

OMG I had to have this, no if's, but's or maybe about it... This was going to be mine. Thats that! Mwaha ;)

At first I was unsure if I needed to have a white base before hand, but I went ahead and tried without.
I used 4 coats in the end... You could easily do 3 but I wanted more glitter ;)
This applied good, it is rather gloopy so you have to be patient. The bigger glitters sometimes never wanted to appear & then did all at once haha!
No digging out the bottle had to be done which is a big plus!
This is a white crelly polish packed with neon hexes of different sizes, they seem thinner than usual glitter, which is great for when one overlaps another color. :P

I absolutely adoreeee this polish! So glad I got my mitts on it ;)
Do I recommend it? Hell fricking yeeee :D

I know Jindie Nails has an etsy store but you can also purchase her polish through Llarowe (google her).

Enjoy loveys
Lou x

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  1. This is lovely!!! I really like your photos too! :)


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