Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy Art :)

Hey all,
Who remembers this cartoon? My hubby requested me to do these for him. LOL. I think he really has got into the swing of my nail addiction haha!!

I think I did pretty well, they was much easier then I thought they would be woo!
Thinking how much I actually do cartoon nails makes me wonder, what is your favourite??

I used Barry M Blueberry Icecream as the base, the design is done using acrylic paints.

Hope you are all ok
Lou xx


  1. excuse my language but holy (s***) crap! these look amazing!! :) I absolutely love them. when i was younger i used to watch ed edd n eddy all the time not too sure id still watch em though haha as a kid i loved the rugrats! now a days the only cartoon i watch is (sadly enough) sponge bob lol unless you count family guy and american dad. :) AWESOME and thank the hubby for the request. my bf tries to get into it but he can never think of anything for me to paint, he says hes not creative :D

  2. I loved ED, EDD AND EDDY when I was a kid! Fab nails :)

  3. cute!!! Love the color combos and the characters. You def have the talent girl. Hope to see more. Love it!


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