Thursday, 31 January 2013

Born Pretty Store Review - Small Acrylic Bamboo Brush

Today I have a great little review for you all, Born Pretty Store sent me this brush to share :D

It is described on the website as 'Acrylic Nail Art Brushes Small Brush Bamboo Pen Kit'
This brush is great, I like the fact it has a long handle. That may sound completlely crazy, but you'll get to see in the pics what I mean.

I was in a baffle on what nail art to do with this brush, it is small & has a nice pointed tip, but for the extreme detailed nail art I do, it was to soft, I use the point of my brushes for art, but this brush is just amazingly soft!! It is beautiful just how lovely this brush is.
For very small details I wouldnt say its usuable, but for zebra lines, leopard print, larger areas that need painting... PERFECT!!

Would I recommend this? Yes! I will continue to use this brush alot, I absolutely love it!
Coming from someone who does as much art as I do, that has to be something right?

The link to this brush is -
It is priced at $1.95!!!
That is incredible, you can even get 10% off using my discount code HML91.

I have included a photo of the art I did using this brush (for the thinner black lines & writing, I used my normal brush). A post on this art will be made tomorrow.

Lou xx


  1. I follow you on instagram, nd i ALWAYS fall in love with all of your awesome designs! You're soooo talented! Always looking forward to your pictures, im completely obsessed with Nail Art lol

  2. Haha this one is great! :D You're so talented!

  3. So adorable. x3 I have a t-shirt with those characters on it. Just a question (I'm sure you've answered it before, but I can't find it), what brush do you use to do those really fine lines? o.o


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