Friday, 19 October 2012

My Own Crackle Effect...

Hey everyone;
Sorry about the lack of posts, I can only get on the internet if and when atm.
But Im backkkk YAY!!
So ive got a simple yet very longgg to do design for you all, nothing to fancy. Looks great though.. Whats your thoughts?

Every single tiny shape was handpainted, took a while but I love the look.
I used OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls & Kiko Black for the base colours. :)
Definatly a funky design, wouldnt it be awesome for actual crackle polishs to come out like this?
Hope your all doing well
Lou xx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Freddy Kruegar & Michael Myers Are HERE!!

Mwaahahhahaa *Evilsssss*
Im kidding, of course! Tis just another Halloween set on the blog again... I hope your not bored already; theres still more to come oh gosh!! ;)
Isnt Halloween just great; this year its only going to be small for us as our babies are only nearly 3 & 15months. So I have to get this Halloween craze out somehow dont I? ;)

Not sure on why the blood looks more orange'y then what it actually was... kinder gives a great effect though!! Well here they are :D
Hope you like them; I used OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls for the base colour.
The blood I mixed up with red & brown paint completly watered down and then brushed onto the nail forming thicker bits and them i lightly dabbed with my finger.
Be safe this Halloween everyone! :)
Lou xx

Sunday, 14 October 2012

I Did A Full Face......

If any of you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this be posted.. And youll also know my hate for faces.... Well I completed and actually have shown one im considerably proud of... OHMY!

:D She was sooo hard to do! The camera wouldnt show up all her highlighted areas etc but still I did it!!
I used Kiko - 275 for the base colour & the rest is with acrylic paints.
After id finished this I slightly may have bounced around my kitchen singing ''I did a face, an Im quite proud of ittttt'' HAHAHAHA
Enjoy loves <3
Lou xx

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Not Your Ordinary Fishtail Braid ..

Im kind of one of those people where, when I see things overly done im like ''get out my darn face''... Its just me! I like to see things done differently with styles.. not just all copy the same thing.
So when I come across the fishtail braid mani, I liked it but wasnt going to go the full nail look that is about. I like to try it differently....

^The above photos are with flash.
^The above photo is indoor lighting.
For the base I used GOSH - Gold (554) and I topped off the full look with Models Own - Disco Heaven (didnt show up real well.)
The light acrylic paint is actually a baby pink but you know those iPhone issue's you have... yep!
I love this! I really love how it is unique not something everyone has done, if any has for that matter. It is very time consuming compared to the one nail; having to line them up etc is much harder than I first thought.
Maybe itll give people the idea to try different styles... maybe?! haha :)
Lou xx

Friday, 12 October 2012

Who Remembers Chucky ...

This film used to creep me out... big style!!
The thought of this doll being some crazy psycho killer.... really?
So I figured yaaayeeeh' Ill do him for Halloween. Iv gone a bit design craze with Halloween so youll see a fair few designs coming up ;)
Im no good with faces; so this was a challenge and a half; successful? I hope.
Anyways enough chit chat more pics right? :P

Does he look evil enough? Hmmm; that knife hes holding aint showing as well as it was in real life; darn it.
I used a franken red polish & Sation - Snow White; with that a whole bunch of acrylic paints.
This was one of my more detailed work the other nails were super quick to do so wasnt so bad.
Whos excited for Halloween?
Chucky is... Mwahaha ;)
Lou xx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I Done Nail Art Using Polish hmmmm....

Never again!!
I thought Id try it and wish I never LOL. I much prefer using paints.
Never the less I completed what I sent out to do, and keeping up with Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Really makes it all worthwhile :)

For this I used China Glaze - Dance Baby & GOSH - Hero 549.
It might be hard to tell in the photo's but its ment to be a rose. LOL!
I really liked how this turned out but next time its paint not polish LOL!
China Glaze - Dance Baby I found to be a little bit annoying; It liked to pull and bald on me -.- But after applying it thicker I found it worked better.
GOSH - 549 was all the rage to get when Gosh finally released the new 'one night only' back onto the shelves. I really wanted it but wasnt overally fussed at first, now all the hypes died down you can pretty much find it in most of the stores near me woohoo. ;) It applied good, was real thin to me but it built up great with 3 coats.
Dont forget to wear pink in support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October :)
Lou xx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

KKcenterhk Glitters, Swatches & Review

I was super excited to get the opportunity to product review for KKcenterhk, I chose loose nail glitters on which they sent me 3 different colours.
I was so boom'd when they arrived I literally squeaked with excitement ;) They was bling bling central no kidding!
Check the photo's for prove; Heads up... Photo heavy.
Photo's below are shone on with flash*

A-Frickin-Mazing! Just look at that sparkle.. Every girls dream Yesa!
L-R '
N.Nail 0.2mm Bright Glitter - B0100
N.Nail 0.2mm Laser Glitter LB912
N.Nail Bright Glitter - B1000
I wasnt sure whether to do seperate posts on them but then figured of a nice way to blend them all into one post whilst being able to show of there amazing'ness ;)

^No edit; this was just the flash hitting it!
^No flash used.
I absolutly love love love these! They are just what you are wanting from glitter. Perfect!
The undie's I used were from L-R
Kiko - 329
Ciate - Jelly Bean
OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Kiko - 375
Personally I would only wear these on a night out or special occasion, as you cant seal with topcoat. Saying that I tested them for a few hours and had hardly any fall out.
The silver and pink nii on none the black more so.
The silver & pink didnt feel much rough at all, I sat there rubbing across them to test fall out and they were considerably smooth for loose glitter.
The black was more rough.
I used FX Special Foil Adhesive to secure the glitter and it worked with it perfectly.
I could not stop staring at my nails theyre brilliant!!
To buy these particular products, from L-R click the following links -
B0100 HERE
B1000 HERE
The Silver (B0100) & Black (B1000) glitters are $5.86 - £3.63 est.
The Hot Pink (LB912) glitter is $8.41 - £5.21 est.
They are sold in 10g pots.
**Shipping is international**
For there main website where you can by nail polish & supplies, hair and make-up products click HERE
You can also visit them via facebook HERE
I hope you enjoyed the post; Go get glitter wild ;)
Lou xx
*These products were provided for a review, all opinions are my own.


Monday, 8 October 2012

Happy Hello-ween ....

YAY! Finally im able to do Hello Kitty nail art; ive been wanting to for ages!!
I loved the little hello kitty pictures in halloween costumes & yep they were perfect to do; in time for the Halloweeeeeeeen :D:D

How cute?! My favourite has to be the little devil!! The base colour I used was Kiko - 329 & with that I watered down white & a grey acrylic paints to wash over it, & a watered down black for the messy tips :)
Whats everyone dressing up as for Halloween? Im not to sure what my 2 will be going as this year.. Im thinking my son to go as a vampire or little devil & my daughter as a little witch :D
Happy Hello-ween ya'll ;)
Lou xx

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bob Marley On The Blog Tonight :)

I grew up being a reggae lover and Bob Marley was one who's songs I listened to alot!
I figured id dedicate some nail art to him, colourful, bright and amazing'ly fun to do :D

Bob Marley was real hard to do, I ended up going through a few different photo's and finally this one went ok.
I used OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls for the base coat, with acrylic paints I designed the rest.
Im really happy with how this turned out, OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls along with Sation - Snow White are my ultimate go to colours.
Whats yours?
Lou xx

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Shimmer Polish - Vicki Swatches & Review (Breast Cancer Awareness)

Super excited for this post :D
 A few weeks ago I contacted Shimmer Polish about a custom nail polish as I noticed she does list them, Iv always wanted my own name-sake polish & I adore Shimmer Polish's.
Along with my custom polish (review later this week), Cindy kindly sent me another to show off to you guys (thank you sweety) :D
I love love pink & so this was a win in my book ;)
After I done a little digging on Vicki I gathered the information that this particular polish was made for Breast Cancer Awareness, perfect timing as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Cindy has wrote on her listing for this polish
''Vicki is a wonderful mother and survivor of breast cancer, this polish is made to encourage and support the fight against this disease!''

Photo's below are from left to right -
4, 3, 2, 1 coat.


Photo's below are with a flash shined on my nails :)

*Undie is OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls*
I personally chose to do a white for the base colour so you can really see the pink to this polish.
Its jam packed full of pink square glitters with some smaller and larger silver hex glitters too.
In the listing for this polish it says it has bars in it, I believe Cindy may have removed these as I dont have none in this bottle :)
This applied beautifully, I much prefer 3-4 coats but even with just the 1 over white is amazing!
I must state I adore that this polish has a wonderful story behind it, it makes it all that more special.
Whats even more lovely is there are donations being made to support Breast Cancer Research when Vicki is bought.
You can buy this particular polish on etsy HERE.
($12 USD = £7.62 est GBP)
Alternatively you can email Cindy at -
Or visit her on facebook HERE.
Lou xx
*This polish was sent for a review, all opinions are my own.


Friday, 5 October 2012

Romantic Dinner For 2 at the Love Cafe xx

Sweet little nail art today.. Maybe im having a little romantic week LOL!
This design was sooo adorable and I figured it would be a challenge for myself to do the stencil so small!
I could only get the one picture as this was nail art previous to the new watermark. Playing catch up slowly.

I used KIKO - 377 for this isnt it a lovely colour! So suttle and sweet; kinda reminds me of the pink in neapolitan icecream ... not even close but ye im wierd! LOL
Do you go on romantic meals? Whats your favourite place to dine?
Lou xx

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Marilyn Monroe... Ooolala ;)

So weve had Mr Depp, now its time for Marilyn Monroe!!
I love love love doing my silhouette/stencils & this is probley my favourite one now.
She was very very hard to do, I had to correct a good few times. I almost did give up with a huff ''its not going to go right''
So blinking glad I never now.
Her signature was also hard, I didnt realise until Id took the photo that there was slight 'brush playing up' marks but non-the less here she is :D


*Does a dance* I FINALLY got my hands on OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls & I LOVE IT!!
Ive wanted it ever since the collection came out & I am so pleased I finally own it! Just a few to get the full collection! Im so slow arent I? Lol
Anyways I hope you like her, Im sure there are many of her around but I just loved doing this and really am pleased with how she turned out.
Love to you all
Lou xx


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Love Birds... Birds with Love...

Love birds iv seen around alot on the nail art scene, so I want to do something a little different.
Maybe its already been done but not by me it hasnt :D
They areeeee so cute!!!!

You know those moments when your camera dont want to capture the exact colour? Yep today was one of them! It is real similar to these pictures, more the 2nd pic id say.
I used KIKO - 319 and white acrylic paint for this :)
Arent the lovely; everytime I look at them I have to double check the letters because where there heads are facing different ways it makes my mind play tricks lol!
Have you dont Love Birds?
Id love to see your :D
Lou xx

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Girly Skull ... They can be cute right.. ;)

So I was just having a browse on google for some new ideas & found this real cute girl skull
I had to do her & its kinda perfect timing with Halloween not far away!!!

Sorry for the short post & one photo; its all I could capture at the time (old watermark im back tracking emails of the posts I need to get up ooopsie)
I used Models Own - Bubblegum for the base, beautiful neon pink that dries semi matte.
Isnt she cute though.. evil cute? *insert evil laugh*
Haha, hugs sweets
Lou xx

Monday, 1 October 2012

My First Squishy Jelly Sandwich...

**First off *HAPPY 1ST OF OCTOBER YA'LL :D:D**
Iv never ever done one.. I mean where have I been?
Iv wanted to but been abit like meh & decided NOW must be the time ;)

Hooooooow squishy does it look!! squish squish squishy squish; yum!
Hahaha im just random.
I sat there singing *still am now* JELLY JELLY SARNI.
Anyways calming down a tad lol, I used L.A.Colors - Nuclear Energy & the glitter was L.A. Colors - Sparkling Diamonds.
I loved it that much I had to do it on my tootsies... & my mum is also wearing it too.
Do you love jelly sandwichs? Whats your favourite combination?
Lou xx