Sunday, 29 April 2012

Zoya - Kristen

Heyyyy :)
Today I have a little post on the lovelyyyy Zoya - Kristen ... My FIRST EVER ZOYA too :O Naughty !!

*not best of photos.. was more focused on getting colour captured :)

This is like a greyish-blue colour. I absolutly love this. Im not much a fan of blue's but this is gorgeous & can definatly be worn all year round :)
Formulation on this was good.. I used 2 coats here, it can apply thick so you have to be careful on how much is on the brush. But apart from that im very pleased with this.
I know ill definatly be starting a collection on these. :P

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend? What colour(s) have been on your nails?

Lou xx

Saturday, 28 April 2012

China Glaze - Rich & Famous

Hey you gorgeous lot!
Can I first off start by saying ive had just over 500 veiws & now 15 followers!!!!
Some might be like 'Oh that all' .. But im mega happy & want to thank all the beautiful people who have followed me .. & looked at my blog! THANK YOU! xx
Now onto the post hehe. Today I have the absolutly yummy China Glaze - Rich & Famous for you guys to check out.. I am definatly adore'ing this colour right now ;)

Isnt it just devineeee :O! Im such a pink girly at heart so any shade of pink I get all giddy at haha. This is just beautiful though I must say!
I would recommend using 2 coats as the first coat I did find was a little patchy. Apart from that like all China Glaze, it applys like a dream.

This was chosen to do courtesy of my partner :). As I couldnt decided what I fancied... Typical girl huh? :P

Hope your all enjoying your day xx

Lou xx

Friday, 27 April 2012

L.A. Colors - Nuclear Energy

Second mini post up for today beautiful's ..
This time on L.A. Colors - Nuclear Energy ...

*This was so hard to capture true colour; but got the best I could

I bought a few L.A. Colors a while back just because the colours really caught my eye. I do like them & the brush is good too .. this is a jelly, so it took me 3 coats for this, with that including the third coat reallllly thick!

L.A. Colors are cheap which is great so I cant really expect more than what Iv got with these. I do recommend you check them out maybe if your a first time'r or for your younger sister maybe? I know my sister will love this colour shes mega into her purples LOL!

Lou xx

ELF - Teal Blue

Hey you beautiful addicts!
Hope your all having/had a good day :)

Today I have a little post on the lovely ELF - Teal Blue which it sure is lovely too!!
*fiddling about with photo angles; hope these are ok :)

How lovely is this colour! It goes on like a dream & only needed 2 coats .. You could maybe get away with just the 1 thick coat but im usually 2coats with any polish! ;)
One thing I love about ELF polishs is the brushes on them .. They are just great and work with you perfectly. I nearly have the full ELF collection, this is definatly one of my select favourites!

You can buy ELF polish's at for £1.50! Complete bargain! :)

Lou xx 

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Heyyyy all,
I fancied being a little different today instead of just the one polish I decided to mix many together .. And this is the result .....

*with flash. Caught the best effect!
*how both hands turnt out :)
*without flash. Close up.

I think these came out amazing! What do you think?
& they was so easy to create.....
Using just polish & a piece of sponge!

For the base colour I used O.P.I - Play the Peonies & then in randomly dabbed places  I put the following polishes...

O.P.I - Be a Dahl-ia Wont You?
Ciate - Knickerbockerglory
China Glaze - Rich & Famous
Revlon - Cupid
Nails Inc - Swan Walk
ELF - Fluorescent Pink

All I did was brush a little polish on a regular bit of sponge & then dabbed that colour onto the nail in random places.. Some nails I did all colours where as some I only did a few. You can dab them however you want they do not need to be the same on every nail :)

And its as easy as that .. You get your own Splashed effect :D

I hope iv explained it well enough for you but if you would like a photo tutorial on this or have any questions than please let me know :)

Lou xx

Nails Inc - Englands Lane

Hey all
Hope youve all had a good day :)

Today I have a post on the beautiful Nails Inc - Englands Lane :D, which Iv been dying to get my hands or should I say nails on for a while now lol!

Isnt it just GORGEOUS?! I was soooo chuffed finally when it arrived today and without hesitation it went straight on my nails eeeeek :P
How flawless is this colour seriously :O I spent most of the day staring at it ;)..

Application was great! I did use 3 coats for this but 2 maybe enough, It just wasnt for me :)

Seriously if you dont have this colour.. Go get it ! Like order it right now LOL.

Lou xx

Look what my postie brung me today ...

My FIRST ever O.P.I!!!
I know I know.. Where have I been all this time!! Terrible right :O..
Well today my postie popped these off to me.. & excited I sure was!!

The colours from left to right are -
- Play the Peonies
- Come to Poppy
- Be a Dahl-ia Wont You?
- I Lilly Love You

I only got mini's for my first taster of O.P.I but after having a quick play .. I feel a new collection coming on ... uhhhohhhhh!! Haha
These are gorgeous to apply, no troubles at all!

& here they are in all there lovely glory ........

*without flash.
*with flash.

Gorgeous or what! Its hard to even pick a favourite with there but id have to say either Be a Dahl-ia Wont You? or I Lilly Love You.

They are all beautiful and I dont have anything bad to say about them at all!!

Play the Peonies
I believe this is ment to be pearl shimmery pink .. although to me it verges more on pearly white, I can see a tiny tint of pink in there though. Hmm maybe im odd? LOL.

Come to Poppy -
This is gorgeous.. Its a pinky coral with a tint of reddy in there LOL. Im great at explaining things right? Its ok you can work with me ;)
I do love this one alot! And I can see me definatly popping this on thoughout summer! If we ever get any sun in London... Either way its going to be worn for sure :P

Be a Dahl-ia Wont You? -
 Ohhhh this is damn sexayyy I have to say! I will most definatly be wanting this in full size! This is an ultimate fuschia pink with gold shimmer YUM!

I Lilly Love You -
This is a pink jelly type top coat with specks of glitter & flakes too! This is an ultimate must have top coat... Maybe you'd wear it alone but its designed to wear on the others in the collection. Which I will be testing out in the future watch this space babyyyy ;)

Overall im more than happy with my first ever taster & I am now looking for many more to be adding! O.P.I is definatly a must have brand to try & I love there little mini's .. I mean can they get much cuter!! hehe ;)
I have no bad things to say on this, they apply amazingly (no bald spots HOORAYYYY) LOL! Im mega chuffed and cant wait to try more :D

Which O.P.I's would you recommend?

Lou xx 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Color Club - Factory Girl

After my disaster of an experience with Color Clubs - Blushing Rose
I chose to have another attempt at this brand with a purchase iv been meaning to try ...

*without flash.
*with flash.

Well the results were better than Blushing Rose... But not entirely great! I had a bit of trouble with this & I did need 4 coats for this also. With the 4th coat being a 'thick' one.
I was alot happier with it but im not yet entirely convinced in collecting anymore..
We shall see.
The colour is darling isnt it?! Im usually a pink kinda lover and not much of a blue fan.. Could I be swayed? Yes slightly :O LOL!
It is the most gorg blue iv seen reminds me of the sea.. how I dont know but you can work with me on this right... Haha :P

Do you have an ultimate colour your a sucker for? Have you been swayed by others?

Lou xx

Nails Inc - Lanesborough Place

Hey Hey :)
Today I have a couple of posts for you & have chose to start with this little beauty!

*without flash.
*with flash.

Beautiful right?! I absolutly love this polish! & it is amazing to apply.. Goes on so creamy & one coat would be enough. I did use 2 coats in the photo :)
I just have to say excuse the slight messyness I did this at 3am this morning! Terrible! LOL.

This gold is amazing & it is a perfect GOLD! Not like those yellow'y ones you get. Its such a gorgeous metallic gold & just pure YUM! ;)
It does give the streaky look but I kinda like it :P
Overall im 110% happy with this polish & highly recommend it!

What do you think about this Gold?

Lou xx 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Color Club Blossoming Collection; Blushing Rose

Second post for today Lovelies :)
This is on a Nail Polish from Color Clubs Blossoming Collection, and the colour im posting about is Blushing Rose

Now where to start with this polish hmmmm "/ . Well first off can you notice the 'bald spots' on my nails? Where the colour just wouldnt evenly go over :( & this was even after 4 coats! Not impressed at all!
I tried & tried different ways to get this polish to work with me but it was having none of it! Such a shame because the colour is beautiful :(
Iv already used nearly half a bottle simply because im adoring the colour :'( I need to find a dupe!!

I do have another Color Club & also the other colours coming from the Blossoming Collection which im hoping have not got the same formulation as this!! Or ill be mega upset as this collection has some stunning colours! This is my first ever Color Club Polish too so not a very good start for me "/ . At first I thought maybe I just got a bad bottle but its also happened to other people, booooo :(
So with the bald spots I tried to work some magic .. well not really magic but a way around being able to wear this colour and so I did ;) .......

I used China Glaze - Fairy Dust .. A MUST NEED POLISH!
Hidden 'bald spots' and sparkle to top it off... Pure amazeballsss haha ;)
Overall im very dissappointed with this but im hoping the others will purk me up abit into wanting to try more!

Unfortunatly I havent found this collection in the UK so iv had to order from EBAY having them shipped from the USA. Worth the wait .. Fingers Crossed!!

Have you tried any Color Club? What would you recommend?

Lou xx

China Glaze - Lemon Fizz

Hey Beautys!
Today I have some lovely bright nails for you :P & the ideal caption for English weather today is ....
''My nails shall be the sunshine for today''

& now you shall see why .....

Im usually not a yellow kinda girl & avoid this colour unless its the very beautiful pale yellow! This is right inbetween neony & suttle yellow. Gorgeous right?!
This applied 'ok' I had to apply 3 coats to steer the 'bald spots' as I call them ;) lol.
Apart from the mini blup with the application it did still apply great & the colour is just WOW!

So as the sun werent shining here when I painted these (the sun did pop out mid afternoon though). These were named the sunshine for today. Good right? :P
These even match my little girls Bugaboo .. Brilliant! ;)

Hope youve all had a lovely day x

Lou xx

Monday, 23 April 2012

Barielle - Blossom

Another brief post for today on Barielle - Blossom.
I absolutly love this colour atleast until I managed to get it on my nails. Then it seemed a bit to peachy for myself.

This one is a bit tricky for me, formulation on this is ok?! Although it gets quite gloopy in my personal preferance. Also the brush I found to be a right pain in the backside :( Its really thin & Doesnt seem to pick up alot of polish at all! I had to apply this with one stroke at a time. Rather annoying considering the brush width too!
I do own 2 other Barielle's which I found better to work with.. Maybe this was a bad batch :(
Overall the colour is gorgeous & ill be on the look out for a similar (less peachy one).

Do you own any Barielle? What do you think of there polish's?

Lou xx

Nails Inc - The Vale

Hey Beauty's
Today im doing a mini post on Nails Inc - The Vale .. Its only a brief one as I put it on & back off again LOL.
This colour is lovely! But just way to dark for myself.

I only got 1 photo of this as out of all photos I did take, this was the only one close enough to real life! :)
Overall this is beautiful & applys so smooth with no troubles at all.
Id highly recommend it.
You can easily get away with 1 coat but I did use 2 :)

Lou xx 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nails Inc - Sydney Street

Hey everyone :)
Another post for today on the lovely Nails Inc - Sydney Street.
Im not one for dark colours as I am very pale but I really do like this colour & im sure you will too ;)

*without flash.
*with flash.

Lovely isnt it? Its a very hard colour to describe, to me its a browny colour with a muted touch of purple.. What kind of colour would you say it was?
Over all im loving this colour it goes on amazing, I used 2 coats here but you could possibly get away with the 1 coat. :)

Lou xx

ELF Mint Cream & Lilac

Today im doing a little post on ELF's Mint Cream which I havent worn for a while now, but its definatly a must have!

*with flash.

*without flash.
I really love this colour as its quite unusual to see. Its coming up more vibrant then the last time I used it. Im thinking its because I used 3 coats this time :)
I thought id then have a play about and added some Lilac ..

As much as I love the Lilac it is one of my least favourite's for formulation.. It took 4 thick coats to get it as a block colour. I think they go quite well together in my eyes anyway.. Maybe im wierd? LOL

You can purchase both of these nail varnishs from

& they are both £1.50 each.. :O amazing price right?!

Lou xx

Saturday, 21 April 2012

My First Attempt At Nail Art..

So for many many months ive been watching the lovely Robin Moses on Youtube, and finally plucked up the courage to attempt one of her designs.
Surprisingly it came out better than I thought it would :D

It has little mistakes but for a first attempt im rather impressed with my work.
This is one of my many favourites of Robin's designs & im a massive fan of leopard print & pink ... Perfect combo right?!

Even for the fact I cant use my left hand properly .. my right even came out good!
Chuffed :D

Close up of the design. You can slightly see that on top of the leopard print ive used China Glaze - Fairy Dust to add some sparkle :)

You can find the original video here on Robins Channel -
& her facebook page -

Hope you like my first ever nail art & definatly check out the lovely Robin Moses.. She is such an inspiration & her tutorials are amazing! You definatly bound to find many designs youll want to try!! :D

Lou xx

Friday, 20 April 2012

China Glaze ..

Today im doing a little post on what I currently have on my nails :)

China Glaze - Tantalize Me with China Glaze - Fairy Dust on top

I absolutly love this combo & dont want to part with it just yet. Its so dainty & not to 'in your face'. Definatly one of my favourites.

I purchased both these colours from
Where they do buy 5 get 1 free.. & they are £3 each but postage is on the high end at £7.50.

Hope you like my post? What do you think of the combo?

Lou xx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Nail Polish Addicts MUST HAVE..

This is definatly a nail polish addicts must have! Even if your not really into doing your nails often, or you may be busy & dont have a chance to do your nails... Well now you do!
I was unsure on getting this at first as it can be very pricey, but I did find it at

This website is amazing for bargains on brands like Nails Inc, China Glaze & so on.. They also do 15% off all orders & a free 4ml bottle of Nails inc, if you like there facebook page :)..

Now onto this absolute beauty..

Ive seen alot of people talk about this but have been abit hmmm about it.. SOOO glad I finally gave in & purchased it though.

Its a fast dry top coat ... But when it says fast it means FAST!!

By the time iv finished top coating my left hand, my right is dry. And by the time iv touched all the right my left is dry to touch aswell!
It literally feels like silk aswell.. The smoothest top coat ive ever ever ever felt :)

I can not talk a bad word about this product at all.
If your in need of a good top coat then this is the one youve been seeking. :D

Do you have this product? What do you think?

Lou xx

Just a little intro..

Hey all...
So as some of you might know im the owner of the blog

I thought I would create a second blog based on all things nails. As of lately iv grown quite an obsession with nail varnish's & thought I would share my passion amoungst other fellow nail addicts.
Please feel free to give me any pointers etc as id love to hear your input :)

Much Love

Lou xx