Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mr & Mrs Potatoe Head Color Club Halo Hues Edition..

Yaay! Another Halo Hues to show you !
This time I used Blue Heaven for my work ;)
I adore this whole collection I couldnt even begin to express it!
When I first came across Color Club I hated the polish! I was like meh!!!! It must have been the polish I had but I was far from impressed, I then tried (one of my long time favourites) Fashion Addict.. Which swayed me into liking the brand!
Since then I have grown a liking for Color Club & the Halo Hues Collection has made me fall in loveee ;) lol!

I regret hating the polish so much but atleast I never gave up on ever trying there polish & am pleased I gave them another try :P

Speech over haha! The art I done today was a mani I had done for Movember hence (before you look oddly at the photo), Mrs Potatoe Head has indeed he own moustache ;) LOL!

Hope you are all doing good,
Lou xx


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