Friday, 21 December 2012

Galaxy Nails Oolala :)

Im sorry its not an xmas mani but this is just soooo gorgeous!
Iv tried the galaxy drip and wanted to do full galaxy nails, which I adore!

I chose a purple & pink theme, not your usual but com'on we all are girly somewhat :P
We like to be different, ok well I know I do haha!

The colours I used for this are as follows - Base colour - NYC Underground Purple; then from here I dabbed in - Orly Charged Up, Zoya Tobey, Sally Hansen Lively Lilac, Barry M Strawberry Icecream, Barry M Gelly Pricky Pear & Tip Top Pink About Us.
Alot of colours used buttt well worth it!
I then added stars and so on - I followed Coewless on Youtube, step by step galaxy video... Worth checking out !! ;)

Hope your all well & ready for xmas?!
Lou xx


  1. These are absolutely one of THE BEST galaxy nails I have ever seen...EVAH!!! I need to imitate this in one form or another. So awesome!!

  2. I like to "Pin" nail art photos in Pinterest. Over and over I keep ending up on your page pinning something. You're awesome!!!

  3. <3 These are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. These are perfect. Seriously gorgeous!

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