Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sorry Ive Been Gone & Some Art :)

Hey everyone;
First off I just want to say im so sorry there has been no posts in a few weeks. My computer broke and finally its on the mend to future greatness.... Ok we hope.
Aside that I should be back to regular posting, I am on Instagram under 'tipsandtopcoat' where you can catch my daily nails, only if you ever miss my nails of course ;)
Today I have a beautiful set of nail art for you all, I was inspired by a wonderful artist on Instagram called 'Spooksieboo'. Too find her just search her username on IG <
I asked if she would mind if I could copy her art onto my nails & she kindly said ok YAAAY :D

And below is Spooksieboo's original pictures of which I copied :)

For the base of my nail art I used OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls. The design is all used with acrylic paint.
You can find Spooksieboo on ETSY just click HERE for her shop.
I hope everyone is doing great
Lou xx


  1. Glad to see you back :)

    Fabulous nails x

  2. It looks exactly like the original one. Great work!

  3. This is amazing! You did a really great job!


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