Monday, 12 November 2012

Luminous Nail Polish Review - Born Pretty Store

Today I have an awesome polish to show you all, I was so excited to try this. Expecially as being my first glow in the dark/luminous polish!! :D
Born Pretty Store were so kind to allow me to try out this product to try out and share with you all :P
Lets start with some bottle shots shall we? ;)
I actually have no UV light which is obviously needed for this polish, long behold my dad to the rescue. He was like put it near the light bulb... It worked? LOL, certainly made me feel slightly dumb to not try it myself !! haha.
You have to wear white undies for this polish. I wore Sation - Snow White. I also used 3 coats of the Glow polish. This applied amazing! Ive never used a gel polish before so was slightly like uhmmm but it worked fine. I had this on for nearly 6 days and no chipping, slight tip wear at day 3, expected with 2 young children lol!
The glow from just using the light bulb to charge it was insane, even my dad made me paint his pinkie just to go around showing people? LOL!
What shocked me was this polish looks green.. then charged it was blue? Great surprise!
These come in a select range of colours but to buy this particular one click HERE
To visit the Born Pretty Store of which they have a tonne of amazing stuff click HERE
I also have a 10% off code for you all, just enter 'HML91' at checkout.
I hope you all have enjoyed this :)
Lou xx
*These products were provided for a review, all opinions are my own.


  1. Wow, it really glows, awesome idea!

  2. It does glow great, I just did a review of probably the same color! :) it glows with out underwear pretty well but man with white under neath its crazy bright! :) my camera couldnt pick it up as well as I wanted :( love your pics though!


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