Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lilo and Stitch :D

I never thought in a million years I could do this... But I tried anyway :D
Im real pleased with how this came out. I love love love Lilo and Stitch .. I mean who doesnt? :P
They are just to cute... Stitch is just damn adorable isnt he?!

For the base colour I used Zoya - Kristen, the rest of the design is done by acrylic paint :)
Im not going to lie... This is one of the more difficualt designs iv done, but totally worth it. If I could have saved them somehow I would of. It was a sad moment removing these :(
Lilo's dress should have been red with white but the red bled as I topcoated.. -.-!
Love to all; I hope your well. Do check in and let me know :)
Lou xx


  1. I always feel like such a broken record when I comment on your posts lol... just they're all so incredible! I can't believe you can do this so well!!

  2. OMG that's fantastic! You're really talented.

  3. I'm so happy just looking at these. There's so much character in their faces!! I wouldn't have wanted to take them off either. =)


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