Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lacquerhead Polish's Swatches & Review

I have been so excited to show you all these absolute beauties I had an amazing opportunity to review for you all :D
If you are on my Instagram you would have had the opportunity at sneak peeks of these ;)

L-R Toy's Story, Cold Shoulder, Zombie Kisses, Golden Ticket, My Boo
*I accidently undone the bow on My Boo when I opened the package & I fail at bows :(*
Arent the bottle shots to cute?! All looking so darn pretty :)
First up we have Toy's Story - Shes described as a pink based polish with ultra fine pink & blue glitters. When I put this on I was like.. Woah! I found she had a pearlised touch to her which is gorgeous. Perfect coverage in 2 coats & a yummy amount of glitter. Although my camera didnt catch the glitters well hmmph!
Buy a full size bottle HERE or a mini HERE

Cold Shoulder - She is described as a white based with blue and black glitters of different sizes. What I got excited over was there was black squares.. I kind of was like wow that is different! Not a usual shape you find, which is great! This is my ultimate favourite of the 5, I just adore white based polish <3! Im wearing 3 coats in the photos below. Perfect application no digging for the glitters... They came out smoothly.
Buy a full size bottle HERE or a mini bottle HERE

Next we have Zombie Kisses - She is described as a red jelly based polish with black hexes, bars and fine glitter. I was abit hmmm when this arrived, in the bottle it looks more a brown then red. In for a shock I was when I applied it to my nails, it was almost a cherry red/ blood red.. no brown in sight LOL! I actually really love this one! Its amazing!! I used 3 coats for the photos below. The bars were harder to come out then the other glitters, I personally found it more exciting when a bar did come out? Am I wierd.. Yep! LOOL!
You can buy a full size bottle HERE

Golden Ticket - She is described as a mix of holographic gold bars, hexes and ultra fine gold. That description sums her up perfectly! I was completely wow'ed over by this polish. I literally was like :O! She applied a dream.. I applied 3 coats to the photos below purely because I wanted more and more of the gold goodness ;)! No digging required for this polish as like the rest. Beautiful. I popped her over black to show her better but needless to say shes going to look darn good over any colour ;)
You can buy a full size bottle HERE or a mini bottle HERE

Last but definately not least we have My Boo - She is a white based polish with fine purple glitters, orange hexes and large & small black hexes. I believe this was part of the Halloween collection so I can not find it on Lacquerhead's etsy :(. She is also one of my ultimate favourites from the 5, running alongside Cold Shoulder. She applied great, 3 coats and no digging required. Love Love Love!!


Final thought on these - I absolutly love each and every one of them! Couldnt say a bad word at all. They all applied a dream, no troubles with digging etc. Id recommend Lacquerhead Polish till my face burst. Shes amazing and her polishs are perfect.
Find Lacquerhead Polish on Facebook HERE & on Etsy HERE
I hope you all enjoyed these beauties as much as me :D
Lou xx
* These products were provided for a review, all opinions are my own.


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