Saturday, 13 October 2012

Not Your Ordinary Fishtail Braid ..

Im kind of one of those people where, when I see things overly done im like ''get out my darn face''... Its just me! I like to see things done differently with styles.. not just all copy the same thing.
So when I come across the fishtail braid mani, I liked it but wasnt going to go the full nail look that is about. I like to try it differently....

^The above photos are with flash.
^The above photo is indoor lighting.
For the base I used GOSH - Gold (554) and I topped off the full look with Models Own - Disco Heaven (didnt show up real well.)
The light acrylic paint is actually a baby pink but you know those iPhone issue's you have... yep!
I love this! I really love how it is unique not something everyone has done, if any has for that matter. It is very time consuming compared to the one nail; having to line them up etc is much harder than I first thought.
Maybe itll give people the idea to try different styles... maybe?! haha :)
Lou xx


  1. wow, I love this, especially how you've put your own stamp on it:)


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