Thursday, 4 October 2012

Marilyn Monroe... Ooolala ;)

So weve had Mr Depp, now its time for Marilyn Monroe!!
I love love love doing my silhouette/stencils & this is probley my favourite one now.
She was very very hard to do, I had to correct a good few times. I almost did give up with a huff ''its not going to go right''
So blinking glad I never now.
Her signature was also hard, I didnt realise until Id took the photo that there was slight 'brush playing up' marks but non-the less here she is :D


*Does a dance* I FINALLY got my hands on OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls & I LOVE IT!!
Ive wanted it ever since the collection came out & I am so pleased I finally own it! Just a few to get the full collection! Im so slow arent I? Lol
Anyways I hope you like her, Im sure there are many of her around but I just loved doing this and really am pleased with how she turned out.
Love to you all
Lou xx



  1. That looks so epic! You should do these on press on nails and sell them. *u* Amazing!

  2. Ah-MAH-Zing! :D That's really clever!

  3. I tried drawing her silhouette on my nails the other day and failed horribly at it. You really needs to do a tutorial on your awesome stencil work because this is amazing!!

  4. Wow! Amazing! I can't wait to see who will be on your nails next.

  5. Omg, just gorgeous! I found your blog on Pinterest kudos.


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