Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I Done Nail Art Using Polish hmmmm....

Never again!!
I thought Id try it and wish I never LOL. I much prefer using paints.
Never the less I completed what I sent out to do, and keeping up with Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Really makes it all worthwhile :)

For this I used China Glaze - Dance Baby & GOSH - Hero 549.
It might be hard to tell in the photo's but its ment to be a rose. LOL!
I really liked how this turned out but next time its paint not polish LOL!
China Glaze - Dance Baby I found to be a little bit annoying; It liked to pull and bald on me -.- But after applying it thicker I found it worked better.
GOSH - 549 was all the rage to get when Gosh finally released the new 'one night only' back onto the shelves. I really wanted it but wasnt overally fussed at first, now all the hypes died down you can pretty much find it in most of the stores near me woohoo. ;) It applied good, was real thin to me but it built up great with 3 coats.
Dont forget to wear pink in support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October :)
Lou xx


  1. But It looks great!! Why never again??? I love it!

  2. I think it looks quite nice. Maybe application was a pain but the overall look is good :)

  3. haha, you poor thing! :) nail art with polish is def hard! :) looks amazing though omg


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