Monday, 8 October 2012

Happy Hello-ween ....

YAY! Finally im able to do Hello Kitty nail art; ive been wanting to for ages!!
I loved the little hello kitty pictures in halloween costumes & yep they were perfect to do; in time for the Halloweeeeeeeen :D:D

How cute?! My favourite has to be the little devil!! The base colour I used was Kiko - 329 & with that I watered down white & a grey acrylic paints to wash over it, & a watered down black for the messy tips :)
Whats everyone dressing up as for Halloween? Im not to sure what my 2 will be going as this year.. Im thinking my son to go as a vampire or little devil & my daughter as a little witch :D
Happy Hello-ween ya'll ;)
Lou xx


  1. They are sooo adorable! In a terrifying, Halloween way of course :)

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