Friday, 14 September 2012

Zombie Girl Tutorial...

Wooo Halloween; Im really in the spirit for it this year !!
I messed up on what was going to be a tutorial thinking urgh no it looks awful.. To my surprise some one actually wanted a tutorial! By then id deleted the photos so had to
start again LOL
Shes kinda cute... Cute's ok though right? She does freak my partner out though hahaha!
Step by Step -
1- Start by colouring and shaping in the hair and face.
2- Outline the face; adding a straight line for the mouth and her eyebrows.
3- Shape in her eyes; nose and lines in mouth as shown.
4- Colour in her eyes (darker green if you like) Add in her pupil & give her a whispy fringe.
5- Create her body as shown.
6- Outline the body and arms; draw in straight lines across.
7- Continue lines onto her arms; Neaten any lines neaded. Topcoat when paint is dry.
Hope you like her ;) How my partner can get freaked out by her is beyond me.. Shes darling ;)
Lou xx


  1. Just looking through your blog- you have awesome designs! New follower :)


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