Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Whats your favourite football team?...

My partner is hooked on football; He is such a huge Arsenal supporter too!
Since the day I met him hes been obsessed.
Arsenal is his team always and mine too :D... So I thought what a perfect idea to do for nail art.
What I used -
Kiko - 361
Sation - Snow White
Nails Inc - Lanesborough Place (Cannon & Outline)
Different Acrylic Paints.
OMG! I couldnt believe it when Nails Inc bled into the 'Arsenal' when I topcoated... I was so chuffed Id angled the writing perfect URGH!
I think the badge came out amazing; best I could get it anyway :P
I am loving this Kiko; Its such a cherry red. I avoid reds but Id gladly wear this. Its lovely and not to woah in your face ;)
Applied perfectly too!! Iv had no trouble with any Kiko polishs! This one the same; 2coats of perfection ;)
You can buy Kiko HERE
Minimum order £25 but thats 17 polishs :O!! Why not ;)
Lou xx


  1. I don't even know what team this is (sorry, please don't freak out) but I still really love this - amazing detail!!

    1. Lol Nicole its fine; Are you from the US? This is a London football team hehe <3 Thank you xx

  2. Interesting design. I don't have a favorite football team but I like to watch the European Championship.
    I have a giveaway on my blog:


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