Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tip Top Nail Chic - Red Rendezvous

Hey all
Today Im finally round to posting and what better way than a review post on an awesome nail brand?!
A little white back Tip Top kindly sent me some polish's to review.. you can view the first one 'Astronaut' HERE (needs to be updated) Or you can also check out my Lady and the Tramp nails feat 'Astronaut' HERE.
On with the photo's -
*Natural Light*
*Kitchen Light*
*Kitchen Light*
*Natural Light*
First off can I just state; the above photo's are ALL WITHOUT TOPCOAT!
I mean look at the shine on them!! :O

Red Rendezvous - To me its a brick red, then in some lights more of a blood red. The way the colour changed in different lighting was amazing. I usually avoid any red or dark colours but I did not want to take this off! Its a creme which is lovely. I cant stress how much I love the brushes on Tip Top polishs. They are shorter in length then others and the brush fans so perfectly on the nail. All polish's should have these brushes! Honestly they are wow!. Just 2 coats of flawless application. What more can you want from a bottle of polish.
You can check out Tip Top website HERE
Although I havent quite worked out how you order from there.
Your best to go to Tip Top on facebook by clicking HERE
Or you can email Joan with any enquires on -
Lou xx
*These polish's were sent to me for review.


  1. That is a gorgeous red! I can't believe that is without top coat!

    1. It is isnt it!! I know :O:O I was so shocked I had to take the photo's without just because its woah! :D xx


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