Monday, 24 September 2012

Stencil/Stamp Effect Rose's

I sometimes have those days where Im like
''I cant be bothered''
''I dont want to do all that''
''I have no energy for this''
etc........ lol!
So um ye.. I do hope im not alone on these thoughts haha.
At the moment im on a swatch marathon with all my new Kiko polish's... And this one fitted into my 'Simple, easy, YAY'. day :P

I used Kiko - 331 and white acrylic paint for this design. Now everytime I look back at the photo's I want to shout ''Lavenderrrrrrr''
I truely do. Allow me.. yep! :D
She applied with no problems, just the same as all my Kiko polish's so far.
Ive always wanted to do some sort of rose/flower on my nails. I think I have only ever done 1. I scouted and found this which I thought was quick and easy, whilst looking like a rose? Does it look like a rose? LOL!
All in all it came out pretty... Delicate & sweet. Perfect'i :D
Lou xx


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