Sunday, 30 September 2012

Romantic Moment; Heart Tips Too....

Hey sweet's
You know when we all have those Romantic moments.. Dont be in denial now ;)
I thought hmmm lets do a nice sweet nail art,
I loved this photo & it was the perfect idea to do & I then had the heart tips idea which really does bring it all together.
I had that lovely moment with my partner & said ''Awwww look tis me and you''
LOL ;)
Isnt it cute? Surprisingly the heart tips were harder then the design? LOL wierd.
I used Kiko - 360 & Nailene Artist FX Sparkle Coat on top which unfortunatly you cant see all that well -.-
I really love this colour too & wow omg at the Nailene Sparkle Coat; Im going to pop it over black at some point because it just looks amazing!
Enjoy sweets, hope your all well
Lou xx


  1. This is so gorgeous!! You have amazing freehand skills!


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