Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nail Art - Angry Birds

Everyones heard of Angry Birds right?
If you havent then to explain, its just a game on the iPhone where you catapult birds into a tower of planks etc of little green .. things? lol.
To be honest I dont play it, I have once upon a time though ha.
So with that I got bugged by a friend to do these nails.
It had to be done eventually so here they are lol!

(hope you all prefer the new one :D)

*matte topcoat*
I used Essie - Bikini so Teeny... (The perfect sky colour in my collection!) for the base colour, although my camera was being a cheese and wouldnt capture her to well.
I love the matte effect on these! I used an old ELF matte polish that I dont really like using due to drying time.. Seeing as I was taking them off I thought id attempt it :P
Do you know this game? Or play it?
Are you an Angry Birds fan like my friend lol.
Lou xx


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