Friday, 28 September 2012

Dreamcatcher Tutorial :)

I had alot of people ask me how I did my dreamcatcher on Insta so figured id do one.
I loved how it turned out & they are not as hard as they seem.
I do hope my tutorial will help you even in some way atleast :)

Step by Step ;
1- Begin by painting a circle and adding a dot in the centre.
2- In a medium grey start your curved lines.
3- Continue with your curved lines all the way around like shown.
4- Again begin your curved lines but this time in the opposite direction, slight overlap on each & joined at the tips to form petal shapes.
5- Continue the opposite curved lines all the way around till you have something as pictured.
6- In a darker grey, draw a straight line from each tip to the edge of the outer circle. Add in 3 black dots & a tiny black dot in centre.
7- Begin the feathers in light grey (practically white) as I have, and in a messy brush push, start the tops of the middle & right feather.
8- Lightly brush stroke (doesnt have to be neat) keep it fluffy like shown. Curve the bottom of the centre feather.
9- Add in the medium grey for shading.
10- Neather up anything you need to and topcoat once paint is dry.
Please let me know if you use my tutorial <3
Lou xx


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