Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dreamcatcher Nails; Yep theres been alot... But mine are special ;)

Did my title draw you in? Did you have to come and see why mine are special?
Ok... Truth is there not special; well maybe they are?
They are alot different to your usual dreamcatcher nails that are around; from what ive seen anyway. If you all know me by now then youll know I like to be a bit different, which is why these in my eyes are!
Unfortunatly these are with my old watermark; iv got a few to post with the old version due to a backlog in posts im having to hunt down all the old photos and work through them all.. Which iv failed to do in order. Yep im such a tool at times. Ugh.
Well I hope you like them non the less ;) -
For the base I used OPI - Teal The Cows Come Home which I found so watery, Im not sure if its just me but I got stressed with this one lol.
I applied 3 thick coats on this.
I also added Kiko - 261 on top; although my camera did not want to show it at all!! ugh.
I love these & really did not want to take them off; but needs must as they say hehe.
Ill have a tutorial up on how I did the dream catcher tomorrow so be sure to check back!
Lou xx


  1. WOW, your designs never fail to amaze me! You're so talented!

  2. Your nail arts are amazing! You are a genius :) I love your blog, I'm a new follower.
    I hope you'll follow back :)


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