Monday, 10 September 2012

Baby Skeleton Tutorial :)

WOWZA Beauts!
Halloween isnt far away is it?
Where on earth has this year gone!
Today I did a pretty simple tutorial for you all; Will help the beginners too :D
Iv finally got an app on my phone to number the photos! Hooray :D:D
Im real excited for Halloween this year, It will be my daughters first! She was born before last Halloween but was far to young to take her out :(. I cant wait & to enjoy seeing my son get dressed up. Now hes nearly 3 he will understand it better :D

Whats your favourite part of Halloween??
I think this is the cuttttest; even though its ment for halloween.. We can still do cute cant we ;)
Step By Step;
1- Start by outlining the face; eyes; nose and details to mouth.
2- Add in a single dot; 3 thin lines; another dot & an open curved box type.
3- Paint in 4 bone shapes for the arms and legs.
4- Add 3 small lines to each of the arms and feet, & small circles for the eyes.
5- Neaten up any lines needed & topcoat once paint is dry.
Please do let me know if you attempt this using my tutorial :)
Lou xx

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