Sunday, 9 September 2012

Africa Safari Design.. :)

Hey Gorgeous
This certain piece of art I had done for another contest on Instagram.. Really Iv entered a few different ones. Havent won as of yet... Fingers crossed I do soon :O:(
This one is still running currently.
The theme was Africa.
So I figured Id do my all famous silhouette style.
I was a bit hmm about this; Fussy I sure was.
What I used -
Kiko - 358
Lime Crime - Peaches <3 Cream
Orange & Yellow Acrylic Paint on top of the base colours.
Black acrylic paint for design
Im new to Kiko, They are currently having a sale where all polish's are £1.50. Ive seen Kiko become very popular between a few nail groups im on. Figured I may aswell treat myself ;)
I can honestly say that I can not wait to get more. I bought 17 in the sale :D & still getting round to swatching more than half of them. I definatly want to build a collection on them
Im really chuffed with how my thumb came out; It took alot of concentration to try and get it pin point to Africa.
I adore silhouette designs; They are alot of fun to do and makes art look amazing without the effort of detailing as of such :D
Lou xx


  1. Absolutely beautifull, wish I could make stuff like this!

    1. Thank you sweetie :) you should try some of my tutorials you'll soon get the hang of doing it :) xx

  2. Wow, you are so talented!
    It would be amazing if you could check out my blog as well. (:

    1. Thank you very much Stephanie; ill be sure to check it out thank you :) xxx

  3. Wow! You should totally win for this. Every single nail is beautiful!

    1. Aww thank you hunny; fingers crossed <3 xx

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