Sunday, 30 September 2012

Romantic Moment; Heart Tips Too....

Hey sweet's
You know when we all have those Romantic moments.. Dont be in denial now ;)
I thought hmmm lets do a nice sweet nail art,
I loved this photo & it was the perfect idea to do & I then had the heart tips idea which really does bring it all together.
I had that lovely moment with my partner & said ''Awwww look tis me and you''
LOL ;)
Isnt it cute? Surprisingly the heart tips were harder then the design? LOL wierd.
I used Kiko - 360 & Nailene Artist FX Sparkle Coat on top which unfortunatly you cant see all that well -.-
I really love this colour too & wow omg at the Nailene Sparkle Coat; Im going to pop it over black at some point because it just looks amazing!
Enjoy sweets, hope your all well
Lou xx

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Simple Yet Darling!

I love them days where you just can not be arsed but can still do something that looks darling.
Today was one of those days, I wanted something girly yet simple. Wow yet suttle.
I think I definatly achieved this .... What do you think?

I used Lime Crime - Parfait Day & Nails Inc - Porchester Square; Perfect little match arent they?
I really did adore this and so did many Insta's :D
It definatly went down a hit & I sure hope it does with you beaut's too.
Im glad for my MEH days; because beauties like this happen, great times right?
Hope your all doing good; please do comment & check in with me... Feeling lonely without you all :(
Lou xx

Friday, 28 September 2012

Dreamcatcher Tutorial :)

I had alot of people ask me how I did my dreamcatcher on Insta so figured id do one.
I loved how it turned out & they are not as hard as they seem.
I do hope my tutorial will help you even in some way atleast :)

Step by Step ;
1- Begin by painting a circle and adding a dot in the centre.
2- In a medium grey start your curved lines.
3- Continue with your curved lines all the way around like shown.
4- Again begin your curved lines but this time in the opposite direction, slight overlap on each & joined at the tips to form petal shapes.
5- Continue the opposite curved lines all the way around till you have something as pictured.
6- In a darker grey, draw a straight line from each tip to the edge of the outer circle. Add in 3 black dots & a tiny black dot in centre.
7- Begin the feathers in light grey (practically white) as I have, and in a messy brush push, start the tops of the middle & right feather.
8- Lightly brush stroke (doesnt have to be neat) keep it fluffy like shown. Curve the bottom of the centre feather.
9- Add in the medium grey for shading.
10- Neather up anything you need to and topcoat once paint is dry.
Please let me know if you use my tutorial <3
Lou xx

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dreamcatcher Nails; Yep theres been alot... But mine are special ;)

Did my title draw you in? Did you have to come and see why mine are special?
Ok... Truth is there not special; well maybe they are?
They are alot different to your usual dreamcatcher nails that are around; from what ive seen anyway. If you all know me by now then youll know I like to be a bit different, which is why these in my eyes are!
Unfortunatly these are with my old watermark; iv got a few to post with the old version due to a backlog in posts im having to hunt down all the old photos and work through them all.. Which iv failed to do in order. Yep im such a tool at times. Ugh.
Well I hope you like them non the less ;) -
For the base I used OPI - Teal The Cows Come Home which I found so watery, Im not sure if its just me but I got stressed with this one lol.
I applied 3 thick coats on this.
I also added Kiko - 261 on top; although my camera did not want to show it at all!! ugh.
I love these & really did not want to take them off; but needs must as they say hehe.
Ill have a tutorial up on how I did the dream catcher tomorrow so be sure to check back!
Lou xx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Johnny Depp - On my blog? Yep...

Well ok.. Hes on my nails really but non the less... Check him out ha.
I dont really know what inspired me to do him but figured everyone has got to love atleast one of his famous characters?
Ill be damned if im wrong here lol!!
My ultimate fav's are Jack Sparrow & Sweeney Todd But I threw in the famous Willy Wonka too.

I could only capture the one photo, the lighting was being a right pain and kept getting in the way of atleast one of his faces! MEH.
Jack didnt come out best planned... He actually looks more like my friend... Also named Jack. Humour moment lol!!
Overall Im pleased with this and adore doing Silhouette faces. If you could pick me one... Which person would you choose?
The base colour is Nails Inc - Porchester Square with that I watered completely and brushed over.. to which im hoping gave an old' effect? ha.
The writing itself came from a photo of Johnny Depp, I think the style goes well.
Which is your favourite of Mr Depp's characters? Or maybe the film in general.
Untill next time beaut's
Lou xx

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tie-dye Tribal .. Yep Really!

I dont quite know how I got this to happen.. I just did the 'sponge' technique and they ended up looking Tie-dye'd ... Either way I am more than happy it happened because it added a whole new look to my tribal.

The colours I used were -
Kiko 290
Kiko 336
Nails Inc - Berkeley St
China Glaze - Fuchsia Fanatic
Didnt it come out pretty awesome? I think so anyway.
This was definatly one fun set to create and will be trying it again. Hopefully to remember how I pulled the tie-dye look off.
Who enjoys the Tribal look? Do you have any... Leave your links I would love to see!!
Lou xx

Monday, 24 September 2012

Stencil/Stamp Effect Rose's

I sometimes have those days where Im like
''I cant be bothered''
''I dont want to do all that''
''I have no energy for this''
etc........ lol!
So um ye.. I do hope im not alone on these thoughts haha.
At the moment im on a swatch marathon with all my new Kiko polish's... And this one fitted into my 'Simple, easy, YAY'. day :P

I used Kiko - 331 and white acrylic paint for this design. Now everytime I look back at the photo's I want to shout ''Lavenderrrrrrr''
I truely do. Allow me.. yep! :D
She applied with no problems, just the same as all my Kiko polish's so far.
Ive always wanted to do some sort of rose/flower on my nails. I think I have only ever done 1. I scouted and found this which I thought was quick and easy, whilst looking like a rose? Does it look like a rose? LOL!
All in all it came out pretty... Delicate & sweet. Perfect'i :D
Lou xx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nail Art - Angry Birds

Everyones heard of Angry Birds right?
If you havent then to explain, its just a game on the iPhone where you catapult birds into a tower of planks etc of little green .. things? lol.
To be honest I dont play it, I have once upon a time though ha.
So with that I got bugged by a friend to do these nails.
It had to be done eventually so here they are lol!

(hope you all prefer the new one :D)

*matte topcoat*
I used Essie - Bikini so Teeny... (The perfect sky colour in my collection!) for the base colour, although my camera was being a cheese and wouldnt capture her to well.
I love the matte effect on these! I used an old ELF matte polish that I dont really like using due to drying time.. Seeing as I was taking them off I thought id attempt it :P
Do you know this game? Or play it?
Are you an Angry Birds fan like my friend lol.
Lou xx

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tip Top Nail Chic - Red Rendezvous

Hey all
Today Im finally round to posting and what better way than a review post on an awesome nail brand?!
A little white back Tip Top kindly sent me some polish's to review.. you can view the first one 'Astronaut' HERE (needs to be updated) Or you can also check out my Lady and the Tramp nails feat 'Astronaut' HERE.
On with the photo's -
*Natural Light*
*Kitchen Light*
*Kitchen Light*
*Natural Light*
First off can I just state; the above photo's are ALL WITHOUT TOPCOAT!
I mean look at the shine on them!! :O

Red Rendezvous - To me its a brick red, then in some lights more of a blood red. The way the colour changed in different lighting was amazing. I usually avoid any red or dark colours but I did not want to take this off! Its a creme which is lovely. I cant stress how much I love the brushes on Tip Top polishs. They are shorter in length then others and the brush fans so perfectly on the nail. All polish's should have these brushes! Honestly they are wow!. Just 2 coats of flawless application. What more can you want from a bottle of polish.
You can check out Tip Top website HERE
Although I havent quite worked out how you order from there.
Your best to go to Tip Top on facebook by clicking HERE
Or you can email Joan with any enquires on -
Lou xx
*These polish's were sent to me for review.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Loving Kiko ATM! xx

I seriously do; Seeing as I have quite a few to get through too it really doesnt help.
They are amazing quality and for the price too!
Ive become a fan of green... *cough* Every colour really.
But this one in particular is so suttle but gorgeous!

Kiko - 390
She is gorgeous right? I werent just saying it ;)
So delicate and sweet... She has alot of silver shimmer.. My camera wouldnt pick it up hmmm... but she applied great.. perfect 2 coats as always.
I only wore her for an hour as my plan was to originally do nail art. So I cant say whether she stains.. Ill put her to the test soon! Unless anyone can let me know :D!
Iv already ordered my second lot from Kiko as they have a £1.50 polish sale on atm! They havent said a current time on when its going to end so I had to jump in and grab more lol!
You can get them HERE
minumum spend is £25 but thats 17 polishs!!!!! :P
Lou xx

Friday, 14 September 2012

Zombie Girl Tutorial...

Wooo Halloween; Im really in the spirit for it this year !!
I messed up on what was going to be a tutorial thinking urgh no it looks awful.. To my surprise some one actually wanted a tutorial! By then id deleted the photos so had to
start again LOL
Shes kinda cute... Cute's ok though right? She does freak my partner out though hahaha!
Step by Step -
1- Start by colouring and shaping in the hair and face.
2- Outline the face; adding a straight line for the mouth and her eyebrows.
3- Shape in her eyes; nose and lines in mouth as shown.
4- Colour in her eyes (darker green if you like) Add in her pupil & give her a whispy fringe.
5- Create her body as shown.
6- Outline the body and arms; draw in straight lines across.
7- Continue lines onto her arms; Neaten any lines neaded. Topcoat when paint is dry.
Hope you like her ;) How my partner can get freaked out by her is beyond me.. Shes darling ;)
Lou xx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nail Art for a Special Cause...

Hey everyone;
Today is a very special piece of art.
A nail art contest was on Instagram which the theme being - A special cause.
I chose to do Cancer Ribbons for both my Nannas :(
Its a half and half ribbon held by an angel ; Teal - Ovarian Cancer & Clear - Lung Cancer ( but iv also been told this is a white ribbon.. )
I miss them so very much so I couldnt wait to do this. Having share my nail art for them.

What I used -
Sation - Snow White
Difference Acrylic paints
Im sorry for the photo; I used the iPhone and wouldnt capture it very close.
The Poem reads -
'Goodbye's are not forever,
Goodbye's are not the end,
They simply mean I'll miss you,
Until we meet again'
Id love to write more, but im so teary already.
I hope you like it.
Lou xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Inspiration from a Graffiti Artist in America :)

A fellow nail fanatic on Instagram takes some amazing Photo's from places she visits;
This one particular photo caught my eye.
She kindly let me do it on my nails which I was so excited to do!
I think it came out amazingly well.
The artist of the piece is called - MERKTHOSE :)

What I used -
Kiko - 322
Whole bunch of acrylic paints
I figured the brick wall would be a nice touch seeing as this is street art.
Im not one to be proud of my work .. So insecure :(
But I am very happy with this. It took alot of patience & time but I think if Merkthose saw it he would like it :)
On top of the Kiko is a bunch of different shades of brown just to inhance the wall as best I could..
Lou xx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Whats your favourite football team?...

My partner is hooked on football; He is such a huge Arsenal supporter too!
Since the day I met him hes been obsessed.
Arsenal is his team always and mine too :D... So I thought what a perfect idea to do for nail art.
What I used -
Kiko - 361
Sation - Snow White
Nails Inc - Lanesborough Place (Cannon & Outline)
Different Acrylic Paints.
OMG! I couldnt believe it when Nails Inc bled into the 'Arsenal' when I topcoated... I was so chuffed Id angled the writing perfect URGH!
I think the badge came out amazing; best I could get it anyway :P
I am loving this Kiko; Its such a cherry red. I avoid reds but Id gladly wear this. Its lovely and not to woah in your face ;)
Applied perfectly too!! Iv had no trouble with any Kiko polishs! This one the same; 2coats of perfection ;)
You can buy Kiko HERE
Minimum order £25 but thats 17 polishs :O!! Why not ;)
Lou xx

Monday, 10 September 2012

Baby Skeleton Tutorial :)

WOWZA Beauts!
Halloween isnt far away is it?
Where on earth has this year gone!
Today I did a pretty simple tutorial for you all; Will help the beginners too :D
Iv finally got an app on my phone to number the photos! Hooray :D:D
Im real excited for Halloween this year, It will be my daughters first! She was born before last Halloween but was far to young to take her out :(. I cant wait & to enjoy seeing my son get dressed up. Now hes nearly 3 he will understand it better :D

Whats your favourite part of Halloween??
I think this is the cuttttest; even though its ment for halloween.. We can still do cute cant we ;)
Step By Step;
1- Start by outlining the face; eyes; nose and details to mouth.
2- Add in a single dot; 3 thin lines; another dot & an open curved box type.
3- Paint in 4 bone shapes for the arms and legs.
4- Add 3 small lines to each of the arms and feet, & small circles for the eyes.
5- Neaten up any lines needed & topcoat once paint is dry.
Please do let me know if you attempt this using my tutorial :)
Lou xx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Africa Safari Design.. :)

Hey Gorgeous
This certain piece of art I had done for another contest on Instagram.. Really Iv entered a few different ones. Havent won as of yet... Fingers crossed I do soon :O:(
This one is still running currently.
The theme was Africa.
So I figured Id do my all famous silhouette style.
I was a bit hmm about this; Fussy I sure was.
What I used -
Kiko - 358
Lime Crime - Peaches <3 Cream
Orange & Yellow Acrylic Paint on top of the base colours.
Black acrylic paint for design
Im new to Kiko, They are currently having a sale where all polish's are £1.50. Ive seen Kiko become very popular between a few nail groups im on. Figured I may aswell treat myself ;)
I can honestly say that I can not wait to get more. I bought 17 in the sale :D & still getting round to swatching more than half of them. I definatly want to build a collection on them
Im really chuffed with how my thumb came out; It took alot of concentration to try and get it pin point to Africa.
I adore silhouette designs; They are alot of fun to do and makes art look amazing without the effort of detailing as of such :D
Lou xx

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Twit Twoo ... Owls Anyone ;)

Hi Nail Lovers!
Today I have a cute little chunk of nail art for you; I have entered these into a competition on Instagram; the theme being Owls... If you never guessed already ;)
I think they come out quite well & are so cute!
I love them; & I think the whole 4 nails went together really well.


What I used -
Essie - Bikini So Teeny
A bunch of different acrylic paints.
Essie - Bikini So Teeny is a new addiction to my collection. She sure doesnt disappoint either, beautiful subtle silver shimmer. Application was ok'ish. I had some balding problems. Nothing a thicker coat wouldnt fix.
Overall I do love the colour. I dont own many blue shades so this is a plus.
My first experience with Essie wasnt all that good but they are definatly growing on me now.
I think all in all the colour and design do each other justice. They came together beautifully.
Lou xx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Tribal Lion Tutorial...

Hey Guys!
Today I have a tutorial for you;
My 3rd one so far... I hope you like them ?
Please let me know; Id love to know if you think me doing them is a good or bad idea :D
I saw this gorgeous photo of a Tribal Lion & had to attempt it.
It is darling!
Step By Step -
1- Draw the outline of lions face.
2- Add in the detailing of the Lions face & add the teeth
3- Start the mane as shown.
4 Continue with the tribal main until you have completed it.
5- Neaten up any lines & Topcoat :D

Hope you all like it :D:D
Let me know if you use my Step By Step.
Id love to see :D
Lou xx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Leopard Print Lip Prints ;)

Hey beauts!
Im pretty sure my internet really doesnt like me on my blog! Its been cut out for the past few days! AHHHHHHHH
But im back and hopefully I stay back!
Anyways mini rant over with ;)
Today ive got the gorgeoussss Essie - Good As Gold to show you all.. With a touch of nail art too. Lucky bunch aint you ;)
My mummas friend; I call her my Aunty. Got this for me :D:D
I think everyone is coming to terms with my addiction now :P
I adore leopard print; Loveeeee it! I used to hate it until I was pregnant with my daughter. I become Leopard Print mad! I even went to the point of getting my daughter a custom Leopard Print carseat... LOL!
Anyways here are the nails ;)

Essie - Good as Gold was my 2nd Essie polish to try :O She applied amazingly!
Streaky but I actually love that with Metallic polish's. I used 2 coats but 1 was fine. I had much better luck then my first experience & now want to grab more :)

I went with attempting Lip Prints.. I think they come out quite well.
They came out gorgeous right?
Its definatly one I want to do again.
Till next time beauts ;)
Lou xx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Tutorial .. Horse :)

Hey everyone;
If you saw my post yesterday then you will recognise this tutorial...
 If not you can view it HERE
I loved the Horse which was up on its back legs.. And figured it would be lovely to show you all how I did it.

Step By Step -
1- Start by colouring the tips of your nail black, into a jagged effect (as shown). Paint the line of the back legs & belly.
2- Continue line up and paint in the front legs.
3- Paint the lines as shown to form the horse's head and back.
4- Colour in the horse and add jagged lines for the mane, & long thin wavy lines for the tail (as shown).
5- Neaten up and lines if needed & topcoat.
Hope my tutorial is ok.
 Please do let me know if you attempt this using my tutorial. Id love to see how yours come out :D
Lou xx

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Lime Crime & Horseeeee's :)

Hey alllll;
So I bought 2 out of the 7 Lime Crime's ..
(Dont worrrry I will have them all soon ;))
You know me, I love to do nail art... Expecially when I get new polish :P

What I used -
Lime Crime - Peaches <3 Cream
Black Acrylic Paint
My first experience with Lime Crime was good; The bottles are ADORABLE! I love it; Brush was perfect for application. This applied well, I found it to be a little on the thick side but was able to work with it best I could :)
They was quite hard to do. The one on my ring finger looks rather big but thats because its more as if its walking towards you.. If this makes sense.
I will have a tutorial up on this in a few days... On the horse thats to the right of the photo :)
Watch out for that. And please let me know your views on my art, It makes me happy seeing your lovely comments :D
Lou xx