Saturday, 11 August 2012

Good News & Nail Art; Review ...

Hey Beauts!
So I have the best newssss; Well for me anyway!
Im finally back on the laptop so I can run my blog back to normal!!
Yikkkkkkes SO HAPPY!!

Its so wierd having to try and get back into how it used to be laid out.
Hopefully it will all go well :D

Today I have a lovely simple but gorgeous nail art to show you.
Sation *Miss Professional Nail*
 kindly sent me some sample polishs!
So I thought id try and show them the way I know... By nail art!

What I used -
Sation - Kiss My A's
Sation - Snow White

They both are lovely! Snow White was a bit of a pain but with 2 thicker coats she went on fine. Kiss My A's I was rather scared of at first.. As its a rather neon like red. Reds do not usually suit me but this I just adore! Application was perfect for her :)

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to the guy's at Sation *Miss Professional Nail*, for sending me these samples.

**They have not asked me to write posts; infact I dont believe they knew I had a blog! Im doing this as a Thank You to them for helping me**

Hope you like gorgeous love's
Till next time :)

Lou xx


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