Friday, 31 August 2012

Fairy Mumma & Bubba Tutorial :)

Heyyyy :D
Today I thought id do a tutorial on the darling Fairy Mumma & Bubba I did...
You can view it HERE
This is my first tutorial on here.. *I think ;)*
So please be nice :);
Its hard to stop and start; Im usually right in the groove when I start painting I dont stop. So difficaulty was one for me LOL.
Step By Step -
1 - Outline mumma (as shown)
2 - Colour mumma & outline baby
3 - Colour baby & tidy any lines needed
4 - Mix Grey/Silver with White into 2 shades
5 - Colour wings on mumma & baby as shown with lighter shade
6 - Outline wings on mumma & baby as shown
7 - Topcoat once paint is dry :)
Hope you like my tutorial; Iv had a fair few people ask me to do them on Instagram; so I thought id post them on here for you all too :)
Please do let me know if you use my tutorial to achieve this.
Lotsa Loveeee'
Lou xx


  1. Nice tut. Dear...bookmarking it for future reference...will try this soon...:)

    1. Thank you hunny; please do let me know if you do them :) xxx

  2. Great theme, think I'll try this


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