Thursday, 2 August 2012

5th Guest Post :)

Hey hey hey beauties!!
That time again for another guest post :D hope your all enjoying it? I sure am ;)
If youd like to be a guest blogger do email me!

Today I have the lovely Mateja posting for us :) lovely cute & simple design for us! I used to do this when i girst started experimenting and still love to do it now. Thank you Mateja! Xx

Hello ladies!
I'm Mateja from Mateji ustvarjata (Two Matejas Creating) blog and I prepared something I've never done before for this guest post. ;) I've decided to do a colourful half-moon manicure with some of my favourite polishes! I used Barry M Indigo, Barry M Bright Purple and Bourjois 10 Days nb. 15. I tried to do it as neatly as possible and I quite like it. But next time it'll be even better. ;) What do you think of it? :)

Come visit our blog! ;)

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