Saturday, 11 August 2012

50 Shades Of Grey Anyone ;)

Hey Beauties
Before I start this post is picture heavy!!!
Well I guess im one of manyyyyyy guys & girls, who fell into the trap of 50 Shades.
I read all 3 within days .. & am now on the urge to read them all over again :D
As im trying to get back onto doing nail art as regular as I can.
The craze of 50 Shades inspired me.

Im not sure if these have been done before.. I know alot of people have done plain grey etc.. I thought id try go one step further ;)

Proudly presenting my work -

- Fifty Shades .. The best book ever? ;)
Book One -
Book Two -
Book Three -

What I used -
ELF Nail Polish - Black
Sation - Kiss My A's
Acylic Paint in Black & White & Silver.

I hope you all like them; Im pretty happy with them. Although now im currently sitting here with one lovely hand & one hand with plain nails .. AHHH LOL!!

Till next time beauts :)
Instagram me for first glimpse of my nails ;) - @Mumma2Tooxx

Lou xx


  1. Love it!!! About your other hand... I am often left with what to do... so I just paint the nails with plain colours in the same theme :)))

    1. Thank you :D hehe that's what I ended up doing ;) xxx

  2. This is awesome! I still have not read them yet, I have them though, I'll get to it eventually lol. You did a fantastic job with this mani, I love it.

    1. Thank you Amber :) ooooh you must read them :P xx

  3. I just started reading it this week. I had never heard of it until the mommies in my mommy and me circle were talking about it. They said to get the whole set and now I'm halfway through the first. Grey is pretty controlling and possesive. He actually reminds me of my ex of 2 weeks. Good thing he never read the book. I probably would have had a contract too. I'm not enjoying the book but yet I keep reading to find out why he is the way that he is. That being said, I really like your manicure. You did a fantastic job. As for your plain hand, you could just call it your "Vanilla Manicure". ;)

    1. It is a brilliant book, the 1st and the 3rd I liked most. Thank you :). & oooo must not forget the vanilla ;) haha xx


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