Friday, 31 August 2012

Fairy Mumma & Bubba Tutorial :)

Heyyyy :D
Today I thought id do a tutorial on the darling Fairy Mumma & Bubba I did...
You can view it HERE
This is my first tutorial on here.. *I think ;)*
So please be nice :);
Its hard to stop and start; Im usually right in the groove when I start painting I dont stop. So difficaulty was one for me LOL.
Step By Step -
1 - Outline mumma (as shown)
2 - Colour mumma & outline baby
3 - Colour baby & tidy any lines needed
4 - Mix Grey/Silver with White into 2 shades
5 - Colour wings on mumma & baby as shown with lighter shade
6 - Outline wings on mumma & baby as shown
7 - Topcoat once paint is dry :)
Hope you like my tutorial; Iv had a fair few people ask me to do them on Instagram; so I thought id post them on here for you all too :)
Please do let me know if you use my tutorial to achieve this.
Lotsa Loveeee'
Lou xx

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Happy Birthday To The KING Of POP!

Hey Beauts
Im soooooo excited to show you todays nail art!
I did this for a contest on Instagram & only found out that today is infact
Michael Jackson's birthday!
What a crazy coincidence!! :O!
SO pleased that my nail art can run in line with something meaningful.
I absolutly loveeee MJ & all his music!
He is and will always be a true legend!
May he rest in Paradise <3

What I used -
Sation - Snow White
Black Acrylic Paint.
This design was so hard! I definatly put it in my top 3 hardest to do. Wowza; I loveeeeeee it though!! MJ will always be a Legend for always.
This was my first attempt at a face. Which is my weakness.. As you can tell I never do human faces lol.
Such a legend and to have been able to do him on my nails is amazing.
HBD MJ & RIP <3 xx
Lou xx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Fairy Mumma & Baby :D

Hey everyone,
Sorry for the no post yesterday. If you follow me on Facebook (TipsandTopcoat) or Instagram (@Mumma2tooxx)
I did post what id actually been mega busy doing and that is a Armani Canvas :)
But iv managed to squeeze in 2 nail art pieces
(unless youve already seen it on FB ;))
Todays piece is soooo cute; I was up till 3.30 am doing this (I did start at gone 2am LOL)
But it came out ok apart from the lack of sleep lol.

What I used -
China Glaze - Tantalize Me
Black Acrylic Paint
Tantalize me is actually one of the first ever China Glaze's I bought. She is sooo adorable. Reminds me of cotton candy... In my own wierd way.
Applys perfectly; 2coats was enough.
Hope youve liked my little art.
Be sure to check out tomorrow's; Im so pleased with the outcome from it :D
Lou xx

Saturday, 25 August 2012

OH MY ... That it is indeed ;)

Hey Beaut's
Today I have such a gorgeous colour to show you all... She was mighty difficult to capture though!
None the less... Mark my words shes BEAUTIFUL!
I also added a little design to my ring finger; Inspiration from my phone case. Which I actually think goes quite well with the polish.

What I used -
Sation - Oh My Oceania
Silver Acrylic Paint
Flawless application from Oh My Oceania, 2 coats and she was perfect. 1 thick coat would have been fine too ;)
You can buy Sation Nail Polish's from HERE
Hope you all like my design.
Till next time beaut's
Lou xx

Friday, 24 August 2012

Rasta :D.....

Hey Hey
Hope your all doing good?
Today I have some nail art based around Rastaaaa ;)
I love it!! Iv always been a huge fan of Reggae etc due to growing up with it.
This was an awesome nail art I did not want to remove.
I for once used the sponge technique which Iv always kind of avoided due to the mess it can make, I think I tackled it quite well actually. :D

And for once (well for the second time).
Your actually going to get a shot of the other hand :O
Shock right ;)

Hope you can see it ok ^ If anyones wondering; its a lion with dreds :)
What I used -
China Glaze - Im With The Lifeguard
Sation - Lets Make Lemonade
Sation - Kiss My A's
A whole bunch of acrylic paint
I hope you all like todays nail art.
Be sure to let me know your veiws on all my art :)
Do leave your links if you ever want me to check out your page... Just please dont spam :D
Till next time beauts
Lou xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Final Guest Blogger :) ..

Hey lovely's
Today we have the lovely Alexis over to do a guest post for us!
Im slightly delayed on publishing this due to the rush of sorting everything out.
Better late than never right ;)
Thank you hunny xx

Hi guys! My name's Alexis and I'm super excited to be posting on Lou's blog today! A while ago she actually did a guest post for me and I was just waiting to get a change on her wonderful blog!

Anyway, I am nowhere near as good at nail art as Lou is so I had to settle for a design a bit easier, the gradient. I love, love, LOOVVEEEE holos and gradient so I though a holo gradient would be fun to try! Plus, I had just got Catrice - Dirty Berry from my wonderful friend that day that I couldn't wait to try out! I hope you guys like it! :D

Here's a quick picture of Catrice - Dirty Berry on it's own, I'll have to do a separate review on it another time since this picture doesn't do it complete justice!

I used Catrice - Dirty Berry as my base and then sponged on some Pomegranate Lacquer - Cyberspace (brown holo) to the tips, then topped it all of with a sheer lavender tinted holo topcoat with blue glitters called Jazzberry Pie by WingDust Collections.

So, what do you guys think of this mani? I'm sad the pictures didn't do it true justice! I really liked it though and I thought the combination of colors was interesting and pretty, I also liked the unique look the blue glitters in Jazzberry Pie contributed.

Well, I guess now I'm off to my own blog! I had so much fun guest posting for Lou and you all! Please visit me sometime! :D

- xoxo Alexis Leigh
- xoxo Alexis Leigh  BLOG -

Monday, 20 August 2012

Simple Yet Nice...

Hey Beauts!
Sorrrrry again for the slight delay; been real busy & than had a manic day at Chessington yesterday. So now im lumbered with a few blogposts to get up and a guest post!
Ill get on form soon ;)

Anyways today I went with something real simple, well infact it looks simple but is quite hard to perfect. Maybe its just me.... LOL!

What I used -
OPI - Just Spotted The Lizard
Black Acrylic Paint

I loveeee Just Spotted The Lizard; Its gorgeous! Applys great, I used 2 coats for this :)
Hope you like it. The Border was alot harder then I thought it would be. Came out ok in the end.. :)

Lou xx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Superheroooooo .. Hulk?

Heyyyyyya :D
Today I have some more nail art for you.. Only the accent nail. But still art none the less right? ;)

Well I got a little nail mail through and in it was China Glaze - Im With The Lifeguard.!
Its NEON!!! Very neon at that!!
Whilst I started to paint my nails I begun to think of HULK!
Which is how I got the inspiration for this.
Now He didnt come out the best .. I was copying from an actual photo, not cartoon. Harder than it sounds LOL.

What I Used -
China Glaze - Im With The Lifeguard
Acrylic Paint in Black.

Application for Im With The Lifeguard was actually really good for a neon! No white underwear needed! I used 3coats but 2 would have been fine, my application was abit pants! Lol :O

Till next time love's
Lou xx

Music Nail Arttttt ;)

Hey Lovelies,
Today iv done some nail art based on music.. This is a competition being run on instagram so I thought why not. The actual photo promoting the comp was just the cutest!
So you know me.. Inspiration and all that jazzzz ;)

Here is my little man.. Tape MAN!!!

Hope you like him ;)
He is a handsome fellow isnt he.. Well I think he is :P

I was also playing around with an app on the iPhone.. Which managed to show all of the detailing on MrTape Man :D:D

What I used -
Sation - Snow White (base colour)
Acrylic Paint - Black; Brown & White.

Hope you all like my art & Mr Tape Man :)

Loveeee <3
Lou xx

Saturday, 11 August 2012

50 Shades Of Grey Anyone ;)

Hey Beauties
Before I start this post is picture heavy!!!
Well I guess im one of manyyyyyy guys & girls, who fell into the trap of 50 Shades.
I read all 3 within days .. & am now on the urge to read them all over again :D
As im trying to get back onto doing nail art as regular as I can.
The craze of 50 Shades inspired me.

Im not sure if these have been done before.. I know alot of people have done plain grey etc.. I thought id try go one step further ;)

Proudly presenting my work -

- Fifty Shades .. The best book ever? ;)
Book One -
Book Two -
Book Three -

What I used -
ELF Nail Polish - Black
Sation - Kiss My A's
Acylic Paint in Black & White & Silver.

I hope you all like them; Im pretty happy with them. Although now im currently sitting here with one lovely hand & one hand with plain nails .. AHHH LOL!!

Till next time beauts :)
Instagram me for first glimpse of my nails ;) - @Mumma2Tooxx

Lou xx

Good News & Nail Art; Review ...

Hey Beauts!
So I have the best newssss; Well for me anyway!
Im finally back on the laptop so I can run my blog back to normal!!
Yikkkkkkes SO HAPPY!!

Its so wierd having to try and get back into how it used to be laid out.
Hopefully it will all go well :D

Today I have a lovely simple but gorgeous nail art to show you.
Sation *Miss Professional Nail*
 kindly sent me some sample polishs!
So I thought id try and show them the way I know... By nail art!

What I used -
Sation - Kiss My A's
Sation - Snow White

They both are lovely! Snow White was a bit of a pain but with 2 thicker coats she went on fine. Kiss My A's I was rather scared of at first.. As its a rather neon like red. Reds do not usually suit me but this I just adore! Application was perfect for her :)

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to the guy's at Sation *Miss Professional Nail*, for sending me these samples.

**They have not asked me to write posts; infact I dont believe they knew I had a blog! Im doing this as a Thank You to them for helping me**

Hope you like gorgeous love's
Till next time :)

Lou xx

Friday, 10 August 2012

Nail Art .. Disney! x

Heyyyy lovelies!
Im waiting on a guest blogger to post to me so I thought I would squeeze in something iv recently painted!!

I wanted to do something a little different so went with ..
'Lady and the Tramp'
I almost gave up half way through these, convinced they was not going to look at all like them.
Im safe to say im actually pretty happy with the outcome! :D

What I used -
Tip Top - Astronaut
Loads Of Different Acrylic Paints

Loveeeee' xx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

9th Guest Blogger :)

Hey beauts!!
Sorry for he delay been mega busy; but now I have the lovely Hema here showing us some gorg nail art.
Love the colour choice! Thank you Hema xxx

Hello lovely ladies! I am so honored to be a guest on Lou's blog. Lou is a wonderful nail artist and I have been following her blog for months now.

I am Hema from Rainbow Nails ( blog. I love colors, glitters and anything related to nail polish. I started my blog in March 2012 as an outlet for my love for nail art and along the way have met some wonderful people. I am still new to nail art and would appreciate any suggestions or constructive criticism.

One of my favorite techniques in Nail Art is Tape Technique. Its a very easy method through which you can get crisp and sharp edges. I am using this technique for today's design combining my two favorite colors - Pink and Gold. Hope you all like it.

Monday, 6 August 2012

My 8th Guest Blogger :)

Hey everyoneeee :)
Today I have the darling Agnieszka Von Bardeleben here to show us some lovely nail art! So great to have you here hunny! Thank you xx

Hello everyone!!! I am so honoured to be able to do this post for Lou!! It is great to be able to indroduse myself to all of you. I come from Poland and I have my own blog, Obsessions Nails. I was thinking long and hard of what could I show you today.... LOL!!! So many subjects and just one post!! :)) So I have decided to go with the summer theme, simce the sun outside is rather hot and I am sure we are all thinking about the beach.... And again there are so many things that you can do. So here is something I wanted to try for a while now... starfish :))) I used essence "you belong to me" as the base colour, "gleam blue" and "mellow yellow" for dots and Essie "Carousel Coral" for starfish. It was not difficult, just took a bit of patience for the starfish. Good luck if you decide to try it."

I hope you like it :)

Thank you for coming over. Let me know what you think!!!

Cheers for now!!! Till next time...

You can visit me on Facebook.
I will be happy to hear from you :)))
I appreciate your comments, but please don't post links in the comment area. If you would like me to visit your blog you can email me at


Agnieszka von Bardeleben

Sunday, 5 August 2012

7th Guest Post :)

Hey you beauties!
Another lovely guest post for you, only a few more to go. Didnt quite make it to 30 so you can still email if youd like to feature on my blog.
Today I have the lovely Nidia showing us a lovely mani :D thank you so much hun xx

Hello Tips and Topcoat readers! Lou is a genius, isn't she? 30 days of guest bloggers gives her some R&R, and us a chance to pimp our blogs. Win-win. My name is Nidia, and I have small nail polish and art blog called Lit From Within. [link:] I'm pretty new to the nail game, but I'm loving learning more about it and challenging myself to do different manis.

When I was accepted to do a guest post, I was so excited, aaaaaand a little intimidated. I can't paint the London Eye, or a string of camels in the desert. Well, I could, but it wouldn't be recognizable as such! I went looking for inspiration on the web and found a mani by Robin Moses [link:] that I liked, and did my version of it.

This is my take on Robin's Art Deco nails. I used Deborah Lippman Dream A Little Dream of Me for the sparkly base, China Glaze Pelican Grey and SpaRitual I Am The Light for the chevron French tip, and Flormar 449 for the flower silhouette.

Thanks again to Lou for letting me guest for her! I'm enjoying all the guest writers, (hope you enjoyed mine) and look forward to her return to the blog.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Guest Post 6 :)

Hey lovelies!
Today I have Jessie here showing us a gorg bit of nail art! One I definatly want to try ;) its lovely and real well done. Thank you Jessie xx

Hi everyone, I'm Jessie from I've only been in the nail blogging community for a few months and haven't done a guest blog before so this is quite exciting and new for me!

I did this monarch butterfly manicure earlier this month. I've seen variations of it all over the web and thought it was such a cute idea! I used some cheap but good nail polishes for it: Jordana - Orangesicle, Jordana - Sweet Orange, MIKI - Black and Jordana - White.

After my base coat dried I painted all my nails white, so the oranges would show up well. I then did a gradient of "Orangesicle" and "Sweet Orange," but focused the darker colour in the corner more than the top. Then I painted on the black details with a little brush and added the white dots with a dotting tool (those things are really handy!!).

I'd like to try this again sometime in another colour - pink, purple, green. Although it wouldn't look natural I think it'd still be cool :)

Thanks for reading and a big thanks to Lou for giving me the opportunity to be a guest blogger!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

5th Guest Post :)

Hey hey hey beauties!!
That time again for another guest post :D hope your all enjoying it? I sure am ;)
If youd like to be a guest blogger do email me!

Today I have the lovely Mateja posting for us :) lovely cute & simple design for us! I used to do this when i girst started experimenting and still love to do it now. Thank you Mateja! Xx

Hello ladies!
I'm Mateja from Mateji ustvarjata (Two Matejas Creating) blog and I prepared something I've never done before for this guest post. ;) I've decided to do a colourful half-moon manicure with some of my favourite polishes! I used Barry M Indigo, Barry M Bright Purple and Bourjois 10 Days nb. 15. I tried to do it as neatly as possible and I quite like it. But next time it'll be even better. ;) What do you think of it? :)

Come visit our blog! ;)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

4th Guest Post :)

Hey everyone! Its that time again!
Another lovely blogger Is here to do a guest post for us :D
I absolutly love this idea & mustttt try it! Thank you Abby for sharing with us xx

Hello fellow Tips and Topcoat readers! I am from the blog , and will be doing my first ever guest post today, so please excuse my awkwardness :)
I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to paint on my nails, but knew I wanted to use Sally Hansen - Spectrum. I took a chance with using L.A. Colors - Sea Siren as my base, and it actually turned out pretty nice! It only took 2 or 3 coats of Spectrum until I was happy.
I finally decided that black would look great with this color, and made nautical stars on my ring fingers and thumbs.

Thanks for reading and I hope you've enjoyed my post! Big thanks to Lou, for letting me be one of her guest bloggers!