Thursday, 26 July 2012

My Second Guest Blogger :)

Hey all; soo sorry guest blogging hasnt run day by day, I infact turned 21 yesterday so been busy with seeing family & having birthday wishes. Butty I am back with the lovely Katie from and a gorgeous piece of art she has done for us :D I remember watching this a kid.. Do you? Thank you Katie! Xx

Hi everyone!

When I found out that Lou was looking for bloggers to do some guest posts for her I jumped at the chance! I love doing guest posts so I wasn't going to miss out on the opportunity :)

I've been meaning to do a nautical/sailor style manicure for ages now but I've never gotten round to it and so I thought now would be the perfect time! I loved watching Popeye the sailor man as a child and so how could he not feature in my nail art?

So here he is! As you can see Popeye is on my middle finger and I also free handed an anchor onto my ring finger.

I used Revlon - Blue lagoon for the base colour and Barry M - Retro blue for the half moons. The anchor is Barry M - Gold and Popeye was painted using acrylic paint and my little nail art brush.

I really enjoyed doing this manicure, I love free hand designs and I really enjoy painting characters :)
I hope you've enjoyed this post and you like my nail art :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. You di really well, Katie - fun and well painted...!

  2. Very cool, I love cartoon manis! I haven't done any myself but I found a blog called 'Nail Nerd' that has a tonne of them. So clever!


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