Saturday, 16 June 2012

Some Zoyaaaa Surf :)

Hey allll; I just have to say its soooo wierd using this app ... I miss my lappy :(. But onto more important bizzz, I finally recieved my Zoya Surf Collection EEEKKKK :D

I thought id have a play with my 2 favs of the lot & thats Zuza & Rory! Man they are lush! I was going to add a design but my youngest decided to wake up haha :(.
And enough of my blabbering... I found these two absolutly amazing to apply. 2 coats were perfect... Although I reckon 1 coat would have been ok.. I really love these & Im falling more in love with Zoya! Why have I avoided them for sooo long... Seriously what a doosh! LOL :D
Must say .. If you dont have these or have never tried Zoya .... Get them!! :D

Hope your all doing well; if you ever want to talk to me privatly or have any questions be sure you can inbox me :) click the contact part :)

Much Love; Lou xxx


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