Thursday, 14 June 2012

Disaster! & a Review :)

Hey all; well as you can tell my post is as plain as it comes :( thats because my laptop charger is broken, so the only way im able to post is via this AWFUL app -.-!!
But maybe itll be ok seeing as a post is better than no posts? :'(

Well today I have a little review for you from the lovely Joan from Tip Top. Who kindly sent me 3 polishs :) I thought I would do them in seperate posts as im styling my review with nail art ... Tis good to be different right? ;)

The first one iv chosen is 'ASTRONAUT' - its a gorgeous deep blue shimmer (totally reminds me of the night sky lol). It applied like an absolute dream, 2 coats were perfect! & my gosh I loveee the brush!!

I decided to do mountains with this and I really think it goes well with the polish :).

Hope you all like it & im so sorry about this awfulness; there is literally no edit features on this app! I could cry :(


  1. Amazing design, and I love that you put the pictures more bigger this time!

  2. Love all the colors and the design. The base color is gorgeous.

    1. Its lovely isn't it; Tip Top has some amaze colours xx

  3. This is amazing!!! I love your mountains!! :)

  4. Fantastic design!
    My laptop turns off if I move it.


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