Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Nail Art Challenge; Day 3

Hey Lovelies
Today is the third day for Puja's nail art challenge.
 Which the theme is Toffees, Cakes, Icecream etc...
I am yet again LATE! Soooo sorry... But I do have a good explanation. I did do my nails last night thinking ill be nice & early posting.. BUT.. After doing them I then check the date & infact relise id done BOWS... Which is the 18th May theme! Great LOL.

This design im really not to sure on, I was trying to be speedy in time to post but im already late. Its now 1am on the 15th, when the challenge was indeed ment to be 14th!SO SORRY PUJA & EVERYONE! :(

Here they are -

*Close up of the thumb \/

My original plan was to go for cupacakes but I designed this on paper & thought it was pretty neat... But not sure on my nails :(!

What I used -
Elf - Black nail polish (Base colour)

100's & 1000's -
China Glaze - Aquadelic
China Glaze - Sky High-Top
Essie - Raise Awareness
Yellow Acrylic Paint

Other's -
Brown; Red & White Acrylic Paint (Sauce's)
Silver Acrylic Paint (Silver Balls)
Yellow & Red Acrylic Paint (Sprinkle & Balls Pots)
Mustard Yellow mixed with White Acrylic Paint (Ice Cream Cone)
Brown mixed with White (Icecream)

I hope you like them :)
Please visit Puja's Blog **HERE**
Where you'll find all the information of who is participating etc :)

Loveeee <3
Lou xx


  1. lovely.. Lou.. and yes it is indeed very neat..:)

  2. love it... no doubt its neat too *.*

  3. beautilicious blogger15 May 2012 at 06:27

    That's cute Lou :)

  4. You are very creative, I love the idea...and the ice cream looks fabulous!

    1. Thank you hunny :D The icecreams definatly my favourite part too hehe x

  5. This is so delicious Lou.....very neat...it's okay dear ....u don't have to say sorry...love u...u r a sweetheart...:)

    1. Awww thank you so much hunny, made me feel better I hate being late :( xxx

  6. Loving your nail art Lou.. Following you.. Please check my blog @ http://addictedtonailpaints.blogspot.in/ and do let me know your comments!! And please support!!!


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