Sunday, 13 May 2012

Look what I made :D.....

Hey everyone :)
Sorry another late post, feeling under the weather & my 2 bubba's are also ill :(
But seeing as I dont sleep much I thought id pop on and show you what I made today, whilst fighting through till kiddies bedtime lol :)

I had a few old polish's I didnt like... So added a few colours & made this -

Gorgeous right?
Well I didnt stop there, I then decided to make another - Which with the one above & the next one. (Due to overflowing at times I poured the access into another empty polish bottle) When mixed made - (The right bottle!) -

 BUT I then decided id do 1 more ;) Now this is one of my favourites!

Now iv neverrr ever attempted to 'make my own' but for a first attempt I think I did pretty darn well right?
Do you want to see a photo of them on? Of course you do :P

Pretty yummy wouldnt you agree?
I loveee the top 2 most!
The green reminds me of a mermaid's tale with the gold shimmer. The Lilac/Purple one also has gold shimmer ;)

I decided I needed to wear one today.. It would be rude not to wouldnt it?
Here is the gorgeous Lilac/Purple one in all its yummy'ness -

Now I just need to give this princess & the others a good name!

Hope you all liked them & recommend me :)

Much Love <3
Lou xx


  1. So pretty! How do you get the glitter to stay suspended? I tried it once, I failed miserably, all the glitter sank to the bottom. ;A;

    1. Thanks Nisha; there actually just old glitter polish's I didn't like when on so had a mix with a few colours. I'm not daring enough to try adding own glitter lol xx

  2. I love them all, I haver to say! You did very very good for a first attempt ^^

  3. All the colors r very pretty..l,,:)

  4. They all look gorgeous! Well done you! :D x x

  5. very very prettyyyyyy....


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