Sunday, 20 May 2012

Feeling Blue ..

Hey everyone :)
Today I have a little post as im feeling quite crappy :(
Will do some nail art soon I promiseeee just havent been upto doing any today ..
Instead I thought I would paint my nails in a new colour I recieved the other day :D

Is this just not GORGEOUS!!! Iv been sooo into Blue lately (Which has been a big noooo no since im a pink girl at heart hehe)
This is just so nice! It took 2 coats to be lovely an opaque. :D

Just incase your wondering... Ok you probley are right? Thinking *Lou just tell us the name already .... ;)
ITS ...............................................
 China Glaze - Electric Beat
hehe :P

Definatly a must have blue; Im not sure on the name as its really not Electric as you would imagine... Like some bright lights blue .. Nope just a suttle sort of dusky, it maybe bright to some people but this to me isnt lol.

Oh! & can I just add in here... Im a fan of Seche Vite but seeing as I have no Seche Vite Restore :( I have laid of using my new bottle after wasting 3 half full ones!!
I decided id use my OPI Top Coat & Drip Dry..
NO! It doesnt compare ... The Drip Dry is STICKY as heck... & Not only that, it leaves loadssss of airbubbles too!!! & Completly dry in 5mins... Ye right?! Not impressed with this at all :( I need to get some SV Restore & FAASTTTT!
P.s That would explain my overly 'oily' fingers .. Blame the Drip Dry LOL!! :(

Hope youve all had a lovely weekend <3

Lou xx


  1. Wow It's so pretty :-) I recently bought my first China Glaze it was For Audrey :-) Too bad about the Drip Dry!

    Linzi xx

  2. You were right.. This shade is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!!!

  3. I love this color! I just tried it a few days ago!

  4. Lovely color Lou.. very beautiful .:)


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