Thursday, 31 May 2012

Yikes.. Minnie Mouseeee ;)

Hey Lovelies
Im really slow at getting posts up; Personal life is a bit hectic & with this heat too; its causing a double let down urgh :(
From next week *Monday* Im hoping to get back into posting once a day again :D:D

Today I have some nail art.. & if you havent guessed already than its my first attempt at the lovely Minnie Mouse :D
My gosh was she a little toughie to produce on such a small space but I done my best.. Thats all that counts right? ;)

And a close up of Miss Minnie ..

Hope you like her :)

What I used -
China Glaze - Fuchsia Fanatic
Nails Inc - Swan Walk (base behind Minnie & Smaller half of moons)
Black; White; Skin tone Acrylic paint
Red & White Mixed Acrylic paint for bow

Hope your all enjoying your week :)
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Lou xx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Love Story ..

Hey Gorg!
Sorrrry again im late on posting; just had a few personal things to sort out & this heat is not helping either! Iv done some nail art for you all today .. Which im not incredibly happy about... Maybe its just me but Im not a fan! Expecially with the paint thickening each time grr!

Well the reason iv done this is because I have had this picture saved on my phone for a while & it speaks so many words.. So I attemptedto take a few snips from it & do a mini version :)

What I used -
China Glaze - Electric Beat
White Acrylic Paint

I think it has such lovely meaning & is a gorgeous little story telling photo.
Id like to show you the original photo of which I 'tried' to copy from :)

As you can see there is more photo's on the original version but I took the best ones to create a 4 piece.

I hope you like my copy & are having a lovely day.

Lou xx

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Simply Dotty...

Hey everyone!
Second post for today .. Making up for not getting a chance to post as often with this heat :P
Today im taking part in a little challenge.. The theme this week is DOTS!
If you like check out my facebook where ill get a post up shortly!

Who would believe I got stumped by Dots! I literally could not think of anything!!!
Well considering your only allowed to use 2 colours! I thought Id choose 2 I havent used much....

In the end I thought id do something quite simple as dots can overpower quickly! In this competition your only allowed to use 'homemade dotting tools' So I went with a simple toothpick :)

What I used -
China Glaze - Aquadelic (base colour)
OPI - Dim Sum Plum (dots)

Hope your all enjoying the last of the weekend <3

Lou xx

ELF - Friday Favourites

Hey all;
Today im bringing back an old nail art piece which was a big hit on my blog.. The lovely PACMAN! But im showing this due to
ELF having a Friday Favourites which includes Nail Art! & As I havent had time with my 2 babies.. I thought I would enter this instead :)

Here is my design again.. Will never get boring though will it ;)

I adore the black nail polish by ELF! Its great ... It applys a dream & only needs 2 coats... Also dries quickly! Perfecto!

Have you got any ELF Polishs? Well why not get entering there competition?! Click the button below.. Hurry IT ENDS TOMORROW! ;)

Much Love Beautiful's

Lou xx

Saturday, 26 May 2012

We Are All A.......

Hey Beautys!
Another late post sorrrry; This weather is just to much at the moment. The heat is not helping with me wanting to do more nail art for you but.. Its just to hot!
I managed to do a little nail art though ;) Just for you all! It may not match the standards of my camel nails .. But thats ok isnt it?
Any art is better than no art .. Am I right?! :D:D

I thought this was a great mani to do .. Considering this blog is all about nail polishs ;)
We got to admit our truths once in a while right?

What I used -
Nails Inc - Walton Place
Blue & White Acrylic Paint (mixed into different shades for letters & outline)

Hope you all like it & are enjoying the sun :D

Lou xx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sun Is Shininggggg..

Hey Beautiful's
SOOOO SOORRRRYYY I never posted yesterday!! The heat just got to me and I went to bed so early. :(
Buttt; Im back with some nail art for you all :D & with the weather in mind I decided to do this piece. I really like the tropical beach with the palm trees etc but I find that is wayyyy to comman so I had a browse & done this instead .. :D

I hope you all like it :D
I was so worried at first whether they looked like camels or not, but after some reassurance im very proud of this design :D:D

What I used -
China Glaze - Lemon Fizz (base colour)
White & Red acrylic paint (mixed into different shades of orange)
Black acrylic paint

If you have any recommendations for nail art please do let me know;
(I am writing down ones people have given me - Also waiting on the new China Glaze Neon collection to do some funky neon art ;)...)

Hope your all ok <3

Lou xx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

London Babyyyyy ..

Heyyyyy Heyyy :D
OMG im sooooooo excited to show you all what iv done on my nails today :D
It has to be my toughest yet... It may look simple but one of them was sooo hard!
Im really happy with how this turned out; I was expecting a massive disaster & ending up with the hump but noooo .. It all ran smoothly ;)

My London Silhouette :D:D

Aint they amazing! Even if I do say so myself :P
Love Love Love <3

What I used -
ELF - White Nail Varnish
Black & White Acrylic paint

If your not familiar with London then what ive drawn is (From L - R) -
The London Eye
Big Ben
Millenium Dome

I hope you all like them as much as I do <3

Much Love

Lou xx

Monday, 21 May 2012

Nail Art Challenge; Day 5

Hey all
ITS THE FINAL DAY :'( Ohhhh.. Its been such great fun & ill miss doing this challenge.. Hopefully there will be more I can participate in though?! :D
Thank you SOOOO much Puja for this great opportunity & I hope ive done you proud :D:D

**Visit Puja's blog HERE**
Today the theme is COPYCAT.. Where we find an image of someones & copy it ourself.. Posting both the image weve copied & our own.
I decided to copy such an inspirational woman; The lovely Robin Moses.
This is the Nail Art Robin done

Alsooo please bare in mind .. Iv never done flowers before.... They are a complete fail
for me every single time I do them but I thought to heck with it ...
So this is my copy 'kinda' ...

*The flowers are pink.. My camera would only pick them up as peachy lol*

It came out better than I thought it would .. & For my first attempt of flowers im pretty proud :D. I did slightly change mine with using pearl beads in the centre :).

What I used -
Nails Inc - Montpelier Square (base colour)
*Mixed together* Black & Silver acrylic paint (Swirls etc)
Light Pink acrylic (flowers)
Darker pink acrylic paint (middle of flowers)
Cream 1mm Pearl (centre of flowers)

I hope you like my 'copycat' choice :D

Thank you again Puja :D:D:D <3

Lou xx

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Feeling Blue ..

Hey everyone :)
Today I have a little post as im feeling quite crappy :(
Will do some nail art soon I promiseeee just havent been upto doing any today ..
Instead I thought I would paint my nails in a new colour I recieved the other day :D

Is this just not GORGEOUS!!! Iv been sooo into Blue lately (Which has been a big noooo no since im a pink girl at heart hehe)
This is just so nice! It took 2 coats to be lovely an opaque. :D

Just incase your wondering... Ok you probley are right? Thinking *Lou just tell us the name already .... ;)
ITS ...............................................
 China Glaze - Electric Beat
hehe :P

Definatly a must have blue; Im not sure on the name as its really not Electric as you would imagine... Like some bright lights blue .. Nope just a suttle sort of dusky, it maybe bright to some people but this to me isnt lol.

Oh! & can I just add in here... Im a fan of Seche Vite but seeing as I have no Seche Vite Restore :( I have laid of using my new bottle after wasting 3 half full ones!!
I decided id use my OPI Top Coat & Drip Dry..
NO! It doesnt compare ... The Drip Dry is STICKY as heck... & Not only that, it leaves loadssss of airbubbles too!!! & Completly dry in 5mins... Ye right?! Not impressed with this at all :( I need to get some SV Restore & FAASTTTT!
P.s That would explain my overly 'oily' fingers .. Blame the Drip Dry LOL!! :(

Hope youve all had a lovely weekend <3

Lou xx

Loves Me Loves Me Not...

Heyyyyyy :D
Today I have a little design I did a few days ago :) Its lovely and simple, not to over done. Which sometimes is just what we need :)

This one I was inspired by childhood memories.. When you used to pick the daisy petals & say ''He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not'' ...

This was so hard to capture as the light kept getting in the way of the petals & writing. I hope you can see it all ok :)

What I used -
China Glaze - Sea Spray (base colour)
White; Green & Yellow acrylic paint (for the design)

Also - Today I painted my mums nails for her.. After long thought we decided on a design inspired by Robin Moses.
Excuse the bad quality, I only had my Blackberry to hand :(
My mum was very unsure on the colour's 'going together' but I rather like it..
 What do you think?

For this I used -
Color Club - Worth The Risque (base colour)
A mixed up pinky lilac (Blue; Red & White acrylic paint)
Black acrylic paint (outline)

Till tomorrow lovelies <3

Lou xx

Friday, 18 May 2012

Nail Art Challenge; Day 4

Hey Beautiful
Today is the 4th day for Puja's Nail Art Challenge & the theme is BOWS!
Finally im early with this one.. Hence having done it on the 14th by mistake ;)

I absolutly love this design ive done.. Its just sooo girly and yum!!

How pretty is thisss ;)
Im such a lover of pink.. Can you tell? haha !!

What I Used -
Essie - Raise Awareness (Base colour)
Revlon - Cupid (Bow)
Nails Inc - Lanesborough Place (Chain)
Black Acrylic Paint (Bow outline)

I hope you like the design I chose to do :)
I was also planning another design, but I only liked the bow I done instead -

I cant remember colours used for this as I took it all off straight away. But any colours would work :D.

& There you have my design for todays challenge. I hope your all well <3

Lou xx

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Hey Lovelies
Today I have a little post on the gorgeous OPI - Your Web or Mine! From the 2012 Spiderman Collection :)
Iv took forever to get round to doing a post on it due to being stuck into nail art... Its slightly taking over my blog :O..
Good or Bad?

But now onto this beauty -

I just need to start off by saying, this polish was a pain to capture!!
I love this... Many people (including myself) are confuzzled to why pink is in with the whole Spiderman theme but never the less I love it! Its a lovely frosted pink & just yum! Everytime I looked at my nails I automatically thought CAKE! No idea why ... Just roll with me here haha ;)

This went on a dream; 2 coats was enough. Brush strokes are a pain but I quite like the effect ;)

Do you own any of the new Spiderman Collection 2012? Or maybe all of them (Lucky you :P)

Lou xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Waoooo Princess..

Heyyyyy you gorgeous love's
Can I first start off by saying iv reached 50 Followers!!!!!!!!!
Thank you all who follow me <3
Im thinking I now should start thinking of a giveaway for when I reach 100 followers... Sounds gooood? ;)
OMG & im now on FACEBOOK - Hit that like button just on the right ---- > ;)

Rightttt; now onto the little nail art iv done for you all... Because were all polish princess'es ...

How gorgeousssss is this? I absolutly adore it! Just so girlyyy <3
First time playing with rhinestone's on my nails & I think ill play alot more they just look so great & add such detail! :D

What I used -
Zoya - Shelby (base colour)
China Glaze - Fairy Dust (over 2 princess nails)
Black acrylic paint
Random 1mm & 2mm rhinestones & one 3-4mm(not to sure) rhinestone

Hope you like them; please do let me know if you try these yourself. I'd love to see other people's versions

Much Love
Lou xx

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My First Ever Guest Post...

Heyyyy everyone
Todayyyy Iv got some exciting news for you all :D .. I got asked the other week by the lovely Alexis from xoxoalexisleigh if id like to be a guest blogger on her blog! I wasnt very clued on to what guest blogging was, but after Alexis explained more about it I was like OMGGGG!!

After a good old chit chat & a little thought I came up with an idea to do a post/tutorial on something that ment alot to me.. & it was perfect for Alexis too :D:D

Dont forget to follow Alexis! Her blog is amazing!!
She is such a lovely girl honestly & I love nosing through her blog :D!

This is one of my favourite mani's ive done & im mega thrilled to have shared it with Alexis; if you want to see the finished result & a step by step, follow the link above!! :D

* You seriously dont want to miss out ;) Be sure to check it out & Follow Alexis <3

Lou xx

Nail Art Challenge; Day 3

Hey Lovelies
Today is the third day for Puja's nail art challenge.
 Which the theme is Toffees, Cakes, Icecream etc...
I am yet again LATE! Soooo sorry... But I do have a good explanation. I did do my nails last night thinking ill be nice & early posting.. BUT.. After doing them I then check the date & infact relise id done BOWS... Which is the 18th May theme! Great LOL.

This design im really not to sure on, I was trying to be speedy in time to post but im already late. Its now 1am on the 15th, when the challenge was indeed ment to be 14th!SO SORRY PUJA & EVERYONE! :(

Here they are -

*Close up of the thumb \/

My original plan was to go for cupacakes but I designed this on paper & thought it was pretty neat... But not sure on my nails :(!

What I used -
Elf - Black nail polish (Base colour)

100's & 1000's -
China Glaze - Aquadelic
China Glaze - Sky High-Top
Essie - Raise Awareness
Yellow Acrylic Paint

Other's -
Brown; Red & White Acrylic Paint (Sauce's)
Silver Acrylic Paint (Silver Balls)
Yellow & Red Acrylic Paint (Sprinkle & Balls Pots)
Mustard Yellow mixed with White Acrylic Paint (Ice Cream Cone)
Brown mixed with White (Icecream)

I hope you like them :)
Please visit Puja's Blog **HERE**
Where you'll find all the information of who is participating etc :)

Loveeee <3
Lou xx

Monday, 14 May 2012

My take on Abstract...

Hey all :D
Today I thought I'd do something funkyyyy.. And after a little scout on my good mucka google, I came across some Abstract nail art.. Which got me into thinking why not give it a go...
& this is my take on it....

Came out lovely I think :D... Have you any Abstract designs? :)

What I used -
Color Club - Fashion Addict (Base Colour)
China Glaze - Lemon Fizz
China Glaze - Aquadelic
China Glaze - Fuchsia Fanatic
Nails Inc - Baker Street

For the stripes -
China Glaze - Grape Juice
Nails Inc - Montpelier Square

Extras -
Outline - Black Acrylic Paint
Dots - White Acrylic Paint

Hope your all doing good :D
Lou xx

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Look what I made :D.....

Hey everyone :)
Sorry another late post, feeling under the weather & my 2 bubba's are also ill :(
But seeing as I dont sleep much I thought id pop on and show you what I made today, whilst fighting through till kiddies bedtime lol :)

I had a few old polish's I didnt like... So added a few colours & made this -

Gorgeous right?
Well I didnt stop there, I then decided to make another - Which with the one above & the next one. (Due to overflowing at times I poured the access into another empty polish bottle) When mixed made - (The right bottle!) -

 BUT I then decided id do 1 more ;) Now this is one of my favourites!

Now iv neverrr ever attempted to 'make my own' but for a first attempt I think I did pretty darn well right?
Do you want to see a photo of them on? Of course you do :P

Pretty yummy wouldnt you agree?
I loveee the top 2 most!
The green reminds me of a mermaid's tale with the gold shimmer. The Lilac/Purple one also has gold shimmer ;)

I decided I needed to wear one today.. It would be rude not to wouldnt it?
Here is the gorgeous Lilac/Purple one in all its yummy'ness -

Now I just need to give this princess & the others a good name!

Hope you all liked them & recommend me :)

Much Love <3
Lou xx

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Who say's messy cant be cool...

Hey Beauties
So sorry for the late post!!
Today I have a tiny post for you.. I literally could not think of any nail art. Ive been stuck for ages give me some ideas please? *flutters eyelashes ;)*

So in the end I came up with this....

I think it looks rather cool... Messy can be cool right? :P

I used -
Zoya - Whitney (for base colour)
Zoya - Shelby
Nails Inc - Montpelier Place

I hope you have all had a nice day
Lou xx

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Quick post on what arrived home today ... I have had this polish on my wishlist for a while now but couldnt justify the price to buy it!
Butttt long behold it went on sale for 1 day EEEEEK!!

Best believe I had my eyes on the site just so I could order it as soon as it went on, before/if it sold out haha!!

The one & only Illamasqua - Jo'mina!!!
I absolutly adoreeee this colour I cant begin to describe!
It apply's like a dream; full coverage in 2 coats. Beautiful.
To buy this its £13.50 plus I believe £3.50 shipping although it could be different for other places etc..

How darling is this polish?
I tried hunting around for a dupe for a while but no other colour came close!

Lou xx

Nail Art Challenge; Day 2.

Hey everyoneee :D
Today is the second day for Puja's Nail Challenge. Which the theme is Animals!

(Where you can find who is participating etc)

I really had no idea what to do for this.. My favourite animal print is leopard but I didnt want to do same as usual... So after a little scout, my lovely mummy cup gave me some inspiration!
& here is my mummy cup & nails in all there fine glory..

:D hope you like them.

What I used ..
Elf - Black
Acylic paint in White; Black; Orange (mixed with white)

Cant wait to check out everyone elses, the few iv seen so far are amazing!
Well done to all participating.. & hope your all ok?

Lou xx

Why not wear the polish bottle.. & some questions for you....

Hey beauties
Still cant believe iv recieved 4 awards in only 24hours! :D
Today I have a quick post for you on a little crazy idea I had... Now they arent neat because my brush is packing up on me :'( Luckily I should be recieving some in the post soon .. I hope :O:D.

Onto the funky'ness...

**I knowwwww; I missed the 'C' in Lacquer! Just pretend you havent noticed ;)**

Colours iv used are -
OPI - Dim Sum Plum
China Glaze - Caribbean Temptation
Zoya - Whitney
Nails Inc - Walton Place

I hope you like them my hunnies :D!

*I also have a quick question for you all*
I really would love to know what nail art you would like to see?
Any in particular that you maybe would like to see my version on or an idea you'd like me to try?
Nows your chance to shout me to do them...  If you have a photo of what you'd like me to try than email -

Much Love Babes

Lou xx

Another Award.... No Kidding :O TY!!

YIKES! After not only getting my 3 awards yesterday from the lovely Chrissy!
Sangy from Lipgloss Affairs messaged to say she had awarded me too!
Im freaking exciteddddddd :D

Thank you Sangy!!

The award Sangy has given to me is ..

I cant see any rules to this award but Sangy has done 5 facts about herself, Ill do the same :D

1- I have 2 siblings; A younger sister & brother (Im the oldest wahoo)
2- My starsign is Leo (fits me down to a tea!)
3- My favourite late night snack lately is Crispy M&M's :P
4- I dream for a fairytale wedding.. Dont we all ;)
5- Vin Diesal is my ultimate celeb crush! Oooolalaaa

Now onto who im awarding :D -

A Masssssive Thank you again Sangy!!

Lou xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Another Award :D OMGGGG TY!

OMFG .. Iv been awarded.. Not Once; Twice BUT Three times!!!!
The lovely Chrissy from NailUtopia awarded me three different awards.. I cant believe it!!
I literally danced about when I saw this email come through on my phone :D:D


The first award that she has given me is ...

The rules for this award are -
1- Thank the person who gave you the award; with thier blog link in your post.
2- Answer the following 4 questions.
3- Give the blogger appreciation award to other bloggers.
4- Let the bloggers know you awarded them.

The Questions are -
1. How long have you been blogging?
Umm.. Only a few months; On this particular blog I think its around 1month now *I must double check*
2. What are the 1-2 reasons why you started blogging?
 I started blogging just to show my love & passion for Nails & Nail Art :)
3. What types of blogs do you like to follow/read?
I love nail blogs; And seeing other peoples nail art. Also beauty too :D
4. What is one thing you would like to improve as a blogger/ on your blog?
Ummm.. probley the appearance of it.. Not sure its ok is it?

The next award the lovely Chrissy gave me is ..

The rules of this award are -
1- Post the link to who gave you the award.
2- Answer the questions.
3- Share 7 random things about yourself.
4- Pass it on to 10 bloggers and inform them.

The Questions are -
1. Favourite song?
Ohhhh gosh... I have many many songs I absolutly love. Music plays a major role in my life. A few are -
Trey Songz - Cant Help But Wait; Tarrus Riley - She's Royal; Songs also by the artists - UB40; Michael Jackson; Ed Sheeran.
2. Favourite Dessert?
Oooo has to be warm chocolate cake with fresh cream YUM!
3. What drives me insane?
Liars!! Hate them with a passion -.-
4. When im mad?
Steer well clear of me .. My friend Anger isnt pretty!
5. Favourite pet?
My ultimate dream is to own a Husky.. One day I will live this dream!
6. Black or White?
7. Biggest Fear?
Spiders!! & Bees/Wasps!
8. My daily attitude?
Learn from yesterday; Live for today; Hope for tomorrow.
9. Whats perfect?
My beautiful babies & Fiance. Perfection is them!
10. Guilty pleasure?
Ooo easy one.. Nail Polish ;)

7 random things about me...
1. I love being drawn on.. Wierd uhmmm! LOL
2. Icecubes.. Crunching ice *my daily habit*
3. I love lazing in pj's when im home.
4. I adore leopard print.
5. I often dance about crazy'ly when noones around.
6. Im the shy'iest girl ever.
7. Iv never stepped foot in a club.. Ever! & im 21 this year :O

The Third Award :D..

Rules of this award are -
1- Put the link to who gave you the award.
2- Put the award on your post.
3- Choose 5 blogs with under 200 followers.
4- Let them know youve awarded them.

Now onto the people iv chosen to be awarded FOR ALL THREE!!!