Sunday, 29 April 2012

Zoya - Kristen

Heyyyy :)
Today I have a little post on the lovelyyyy Zoya - Kristen ... My FIRST EVER ZOYA too :O Naughty !!

*not best of photos.. was more focused on getting colour captured :)

This is like a greyish-blue colour. I absolutly love this. Im not much a fan of blue's but this is gorgeous & can definatly be worn all year round :)
Formulation on this was good.. I used 2 coats here, it can apply thick so you have to be careful on how much is on the brush. But apart from that im very pleased with this.
I know ill definatly be starting a collection on these. :P

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend? What colour(s) have been on your nails?

Lou xx

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