Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Nail Polish Addicts MUST HAVE..

This is definatly a nail polish addicts must have! Even if your not really into doing your nails often, or you may be busy & dont have a chance to do your nails... Well now you do!
I was unsure on getting this at first as it can be very pricey, but I did find it at

This website is amazing for bargains on brands like Nails Inc, China Glaze & so on.. They also do 15% off all orders & a free 4ml bottle of Nails inc, if you like there facebook page :)..

Now onto this absolute beauty..

Ive seen alot of people talk about this but have been abit hmmm about it.. SOOO glad I finally gave in & purchased it though.

Its a fast dry top coat ... But when it says fast it means FAST!!

By the time iv finished top coating my left hand, my right is dry. And by the time iv touched all the right my left is dry to touch aswell!
It literally feels like silk aswell.. The smoothest top coat ive ever ever ever felt :)

I can not talk a bad word about this product at all.
If your in need of a good top coat then this is the one youve been seeking. :D

Do you have this product? What do you think?

Lou xx

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