Thursday, 26 April 2012

Look what my postie brung me today ...

My FIRST ever O.P.I!!!
I know I know.. Where have I been all this time!! Terrible right :O..
Well today my postie popped these off to me.. & excited I sure was!!

The colours from left to right are -
- Play the Peonies
- Come to Poppy
- Be a Dahl-ia Wont You?
- I Lilly Love You

I only got mini's for my first taster of O.P.I but after having a quick play .. I feel a new collection coming on ... uhhhohhhhh!! Haha
These are gorgeous to apply, no troubles at all!

& here they are in all there lovely glory ........

*without flash.
*with flash.

Gorgeous or what! Its hard to even pick a favourite with there but id have to say either Be a Dahl-ia Wont You? or I Lilly Love You.

They are all beautiful and I dont have anything bad to say about them at all!!

Play the Peonies
I believe this is ment to be pearl shimmery pink .. although to me it verges more on pearly white, I can see a tiny tint of pink in there though. Hmm maybe im odd? LOL.

Come to Poppy -
This is gorgeous.. Its a pinky coral with a tint of reddy in there LOL. Im great at explaining things right? Its ok you can work with me ;)
I do love this one alot! And I can see me definatly popping this on thoughout summer! If we ever get any sun in London... Either way its going to be worn for sure :P

Be a Dahl-ia Wont You? -
 Ohhhh this is damn sexayyy I have to say! I will most definatly be wanting this in full size! This is an ultimate fuschia pink with gold shimmer YUM!

I Lilly Love You -
This is a pink jelly type top coat with specks of glitter & flakes too! This is an ultimate must have top coat... Maybe you'd wear it alone but its designed to wear on the others in the collection. Which I will be testing out in the future watch this space babyyyy ;)

Overall im more than happy with my first ever taster & I am now looking for many more to be adding! O.P.I is definatly a must have brand to try & I love there little mini's .. I mean can they get much cuter!! hehe ;)
I have no bad things to say on this, they apply amazingly (no bald spots HOORAYYYY) LOL! Im mega chuffed and cant wait to try more :D

Which O.P.I's would you recommend?

Lou xx 


  1. Great Minds Pink Alike! it's a light but still bright pink packed with purple and blue shimmer.

  2. Oh yum, OPI is freaking amazing! My mom used to sell it at her salon and we both fell in love with the brand. What a cute set!! :)


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