Friday, 27 April 2012

L.A. Colors - Nuclear Energy

Second mini post up for today beautiful's ..
This time on L.A. Colors - Nuclear Energy ...

*This was so hard to capture true colour; but got the best I could

I bought a few L.A. Colors a while back just because the colours really caught my eye. I do like them & the brush is good too .. this is a jelly, so it took me 3 coats for this, with that including the third coat reallllly thick!

L.A. Colors are cheap which is great so I cant really expect more than what Iv got with these. I do recommend you check them out maybe if your a first time'r or for your younger sister maybe? I know my sister will love this colour shes mega into her purples LOL!

Lou xx


  1. Pretty purple! I'm a new follower and would love if you would please follow me back on my blog! Thanks! : )

  2. thats a lovely color, but looks good on your fingers...
    not sure if i can pull off that one *.*

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