Sunday, 22 April 2012

ELF Mint Cream & Lilac

Today im doing a little post on ELF's Mint Cream which I havent worn for a while now, but its definatly a must have!

*with flash.

*without flash.
I really love this colour as its quite unusual to see. Its coming up more vibrant then the last time I used it. Im thinking its because I used 3 coats this time :)
I thought id then have a play about and added some Lilac ..

As much as I love the Lilac it is one of my least favourite's for formulation.. It took 4 thick coats to get it as a block colour. I think they go quite well together in my eyes anyway.. Maybe im wierd? LOL

You can purchase both of these nail varnishs from

& they are both £1.50 each.. :O amazing price right?!

Lou xx


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